Addendum to Letter to my GP re Pulmonary Oedema and Heart Failure…

Those of you who read that post will know that I explained to my GP why I needed the following drugs:-

Nebivolol (beta-blocker) as the dose suggested by the cardiologist (half my normal dose), drove up my BP to what I consider to be a dangerous level. Yesterday’s BP was 115/59, for example. For the two days for which I took the reduced dose, and of which my GP was notified, my BP was 145/75 and 147/79. Both unacceptable. I reverted to my normal dose of 2.5mg b.d.

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The government bill which will allow public forests to be handed over to private developers


Corruption upon corruption – it never ends . . .

Originally posted on Pride's Purge:

(not satire – it’s the UK today)

Well this is a bit worrying.

An innocuous sounding bit of legislation called the Infrastructure Bill is making its way through parliament with hardly a peep of protest from …. well, just about anyone really.

Which is strange because the bill is about to give Government agencies carte blanche to hand over any public land – including countryside and forests – to private developers.

You can read more about this pernicious legislation here:

Parliaments New Chainsaw – The Infrastructure Bill

There’s still time for a public outcry to stop or amend this bill.

If only the general public knew about it.


Lots more information on how to campaign against the bill here:

Hands Off Our Forests


Please feel free to comment. And share. Thanks:

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Letter to my GP re Pulmonary Oedema and Heart Failure…

The following letter is going to my GP this morning. Over the weekend I discovered that my previous letter hadn’t been sent – fax transmission had been cancelled – by me. I have no idea why, nor do I have any memory of that, which is deeply worrying.

Names have been redacted as consultants tend to get a tad shirty if their names are mentioned and, while I clearly have no confidence in the cardio guy, doctors do tend to side with each other – a fact that is at the heart, I believe, of many of the problems I’m having.

So, this is the letter:-

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A Casserole of Venison with Sour Cherries, Dried Apricots, Red Currants and Herbs…

I have, on my chopping board in the kitchen, what purports to be 900g of diced venison. Highland Game brand, from Sainsbury’s – deeply unimpressed and I posted an unfavourable review. Be interesting to see if it’s published.

I say purports because it’s sure as hell not diced, just randomly hacked up – I’ve seen better-presented roadkill. And some of it is mush, as if it’s been dragged off the hill behind a Land Rover (rather than farmed, which is what is actually is). I spent an unseemly amount of time surgically removing skin and connective tissue and generally making it eatable. Why the hell people with absolutely no knife skills are employed to prep meat I shall never know. Well, OK, there are, doubtless, more people without the requisite skills than with, so, here’s a thought – train the buggers if you have to. And that applies to all supermarkets, not just Highland Game.

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UK government shuts down free speech with threats of jail (tabloid newspapers exempted)


I, as a chronically sick and disabled person, have been abused more by this government than by anyone else. When will we see them in jail, Mr. Grayling?

Originally posted on Pride's Purge:

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

When the government ministers or members of the establishment talk about free speech, they don’t mean free speech for plebs like you and me.

As an illustration of this, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has just announced 2 year jail sentences for anyone found to have been dishing out abuse on social media.

But the law will not apply to tabloid newspapers, who dish out abuse on a regular basis – sometimes with tragic consequences?

If the government thinks dishing out abuse online should result in jail, fair enough. But the laws must also apply to newspaper barons too.

What we are seeing now is a concerted effort by the establishment to shut down the free speech of plebs like you and me – with threats of jail – while at the same time allowing tabloid newspaper owners to abuse anyone they want at will.

And as…

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About this time two years ago I bought a small (70cm square), table, on the assumption that it would enable me to carry out a substantial amount of kitchen prep while seated (no room for even a perching stool in my kitchen).

Like most things affordable these days, it was self-assembly. It was also heavy which, as I was in the process of starving almost to death at the time, meant I couldn’t even lift the buggerdly thing, never mind assemble it. And if I had been able to, it turned out I had no room for it.

Today, I have room, and I’ve been able to assemble it. Still can’t lift it but I was able to drag it into the living room and put it together.

This is it:-

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A state-funded lifestyle…

This should have been published last night, but my connection has been down since around midnight and not long come back.


Lord Freud of Mendacity has been bitching and whining about disabled people having a “lifestyle” funded by the state. A tad ironic as the prick gets £300 a day just for showing up at the Lords.

But, hey, I’m disabled, and I have a lifestyle on the state.

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