Roasted Cauliflower and Potato Soup…

This recipe came about after buying an organic Savoy cabbage and two organic caulies from Tesco – which tasted of bugger all. So, left with one caulie, and always loathe to throw out food, last night I decided to break it down into florets, slice up the stalk, douse it in melted clarified butter, and roast it. In my mini oven, to keep the cost down (if you’re on benefits and, like me, have no gas supply, then a mini oven is vastly cheaper to run than the one in an electric cooker; a good one will set you back close to £100, or even more, but a basic one can be had for around £30).

Once roasted, it was left

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The Addison’s Chronicles – Part 4

I’ve just had my bulk Hydro delivered – 6 month’s supply, more or less (500 10mg tabs). I was expecting a bulk pack, but apparently the stuff is available only in 30-tablet packs. 16 of them, plus a box of 20. Total cost I’d estimate at about £800 – my BNF is 3 years old, so maybe more than that by now.

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My Revised Harissa Blend…

In this post I bemoaned the fact that the Harissa I’d bought was way too hot, and had too much mint, and threatened to blend my own to suit my own palate. So I did – and published it here.

However, it turned out to be far too hot as well (too much Cayenne pepper), and unbalanced in other ways. Aside from the excess heat – you can always add chilli heat, you can’t take it out – it wasn’t actually that bad, but there was room for improvement, and this is it.

As before, it could be argued that it’s not Harissa now, but I don’t buy that as there are wide variations in formulation, and the stuff varies between countries and, I don’t doubt, between villages and towns too, in its native land, so this is…

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A Spoonie in the kitchen…

For those of us of the disabled persuasion, cooking can be – and all too often is – a major challenge, and frequently, like yesterday, a challenge too far. No matter how good we might be, it’s the lack of physical resources that’s the problem.

My first batch of meds, including morphine, Hydro,** and antibiotics, among much else, was taken at 06.00, second batch at

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Epic failure…

Or why I can’t cook every day…

Tonight I did something I’ve not been able to do for years – I cooked a meal entirely from scratch. Nothing fancy, just bubble and squeak, with added onions softened in butter.

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Final letter to my GP – I hope!

This, I hope, will be the last letter I have to write to my GP. I’m writing this because he is challenging how ill I am, and my contention that even something like vacuuming is, for me, on a par with running a marathon for someone as fit as I used to be. I chose the marathon because it’s something most people are aware of, and can relate to on some level. Not, it seems, my GP.

He also – descending to full-on fuckwit mode, because he’s seen me only about 8 times in 10 years, and most of that was during last year’s extended crisis – accuses me of abusing my meds.

I take 16 drugs, about half of them dangerous, plus 10 supplements used as drugs to treat my ME – currently a total of 56 tablets and capsules a day, plus 3 inhalers multiple times. Why the fuck would any sane person want to take more by abusing them?

This, I hope, with the addition of a suitable introduction, will set him straight:-

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“Doctor knows best” could harm you – or worse…

I didn’t send my last letter to my GP, and have deleted it as it’s no longer relevant, because I eventually got a reply to my previous one. Bizarrely, it was tucked inside a meds delivery from the pharmacy yesterday – a stupid place to put it as I almost binned it without even knowing it was there.

Anyway, I got my 6 months of Hydrocortisone, so that’s one problem out of the way. The two-part injectable was ignored, but I’ll pursue that another day.

So, a success but, you know, it really should not

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The Food of Italy and other foodie ramblings…

Claudia Roden has just issued a 25th anniversary edition of The Food of Italy, with previously unpublished recipes (£25 if you’re feeling keen, or £16.99 including p&p, from the Guardian).

Amazon, meanwhile, are peddling the original version, for the Kindle, for a tenner – but look, guys, it’s a book full of colour photos – crap on the monochrome Kindle! Oddly, the Guardian uses the same book cover to illustrate its ad as Amazon does, so I’m not 100% sure who is selling what! And Amazon says Roden’s new book is out next year – go figure.

If you have a decent tablet, though, go for it – the Kindle Fire HD makes a great, if rather heavy, colour ereader, though as a conventional tablet it falls short, let down by Amazon’s sucky apps.

Entirely by coincidence,

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