Bottom of the Fridge Soup…

Well, sort of… It’s Tomato and Cannellini Bean Soup, flavoured with some really excellent dried basil – just a little – and spiked with sweet paprika (of which, as it turned out, I didn’t have enough – the recipe reflects what I should have had), and ground coriander.

Bottom of the fridge because it’s using up some onions, shallots and carrots that have been lurking there for a while, plus some canned cannellini beans I opened by mistake, and immediately bagged and froze (unlike Matthew Fort, I tend not to find overlooked whole salmon, or half a roast goose, in my fridge!). Not as bad as it sounds as my veg drawer is just a degree or two above freezing and, tightly wrapped to avoid dehydration, veg keeps extremely well. This is also good with canned flageolet beans, but I like cannellini as they break up a little when cooked, even the canned ones, allowing them to take up the flavours of the soup.

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