Today we haz soup. . .

Butternut squash, sweet potato, chilli, and pak choi soup to be precise.

After a dreadful night, when I discovered that there’s something almost worse than pain – itching! – during which I totalled perhaps half an hour of fitful sleep, I have to avoid falling asleep during today in order to be able to do so tonight. So it’s time to hit the kitchen.

First up is going to be sweet potato and butternut squash soup, with shredded pak choi, partly as a colour contrast, partly for its slight pepperiness. A small chilli will be involved, too, to  give the inevitable sweetness a lift.


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Bottom of the Fridge Soup…

Well, sort of… It’s Tomato and Cannellini Bean Soup, flavoured with some really excellent dried basil – just a little – and spiked with sweet paprika (of which, as it turned out, I didn’t have enough – the recipe reflects what I should have had), and ground coriander.

Bottom of the fridge because it’s using up some onions, shallots and carrots that have been lurking there for a while, plus some canned cannellini beans I opened by mistake, and immediately bagged and froze (unlike Matthew Fort, I tend not to find overlooked whole salmon, or half a roast goose, in my fridge!). Not as bad as it sounds as my veg drawer is just a degree or two above freezing and, tightly wrapped to avoid dehydration, veg keeps extremely well. This is also good with canned flageolet beans, but I like cannellini as they break up a little when cooked, even the canned ones, allowing them to take up the flavours of the soup.

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Whatever happened to cooking skills?

Lakeland currently offer two dedicated soup-making machines (essentially, heated blenders), (£99.99 and £129.99), the cost of either of which would buy a huge amount of soup ingredients for those with the wit to use a pan, and do little but contribute to the already rampant eroding of cooking skills.

Sorry, call me a Luddite, but unless you have the misfortune to live in a bedsit with no cooking facilities (if so, a microwave and a mini oven or Baby Belling would be more versatile), then these things are utterly pointless.

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Food for thought…

Since my crisis some weeks ago, I can’t eat. Well, OK, I can, but I can’t eat much, just about the equivalent of, say, a ham sandwich or a cheese roll – I seem to have no appetite for solids (beer still goes down perfectly well ;) ).

Actually, I should clarify that – it’s not that I can’t eat, I just have no desire to – a few bites and I’m done. Not that you can tell from my weight!

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