I can’t help wondering, as the Princess Diana inquest sinks into Alice-in-Wonderland territory, how much longer Mohamed Al Fayed is going to be allowed to promulgate his insane lies.

Henri Paul was drunk, as a direct result of which he crashed the Merc. Diana and Dodi Al Fayed (and others), died. End of discussion.

Unless, of course, you’re a deranged millionaire, and you think you can say whatever you like about anybody at all, and not have to accept the consequences. This fruitcake accuses the Duke of Edinburgh of murdering Diana, and his son, without the slightest evidence, and goes on to slander Prince Charles and his wife, and pretty much anyone else he can think of – a reporter who tried to ask him a question was yelled at and called an idiot who was a member of MI6.

And if Prince Philip really did have hired assassins at his beck and call, don’t you think that, by now, Al Fayed would have been quietly disposed of? Just a thought…

Personally, I think Prince Charles treated Diana as no more than a brood mare, and his behaviour was deplorable. Maybe Al Fayed thinks that, too, but his own behaviour is beyond the pale.

There is a limit to how much Al Fayed’s behaviour can be excused by grief, and that limit has long since passed. It’s high time that Al Fayed was made to put up or shut up – despite his toxic ranting at the inquest, he produced not the slightest scrap of evidence to support his crackpot theories. The royal family are unable to sue this mad old fuckwit, but by God and sonny Jesus, somebody should.