Grey’s Anatomy – WTF?

What on earth is going on with GA? Meredith Grey – scrawny, neurotic bimbo with bad skin and the morals of an alley-cat. It must be like taking a bicycle to bed, yet men are queuing up. Will someone please feed this woman? Still, she’d be easy to x-ray – just hold her up to the light!

Izzy – gorgeous as ever, and as wet as ever, too, but seriously unhinged (and who told Katherine Heigl she needed to lose weight???).

George – inadequate fruitcake but closet nice-guy. Tedious as buggery (er, that’s an English expression, nothing to do with gay sex – just thought I’d clear that up!). Terrible taste in women – he wanted to bonk Grey (that was a weird scene, Grey lay on her back – no creativity these Yanks – and you could clearly see her thyroid gland outlined under the skin of her throat; gruesome), and now he’s involved with a woman with serious anger problems.

Callie – George’s girl-friend, sort-of. Enough anger for an entire rugby team – way too touchy. Mind you – her and George, I’d pay money to see that…

Alex – still a cypher – will someone please write him something?

Preston Burke – another nutter. (Soon to leave the show – yay!)

Christina – possibly the only normal person there, apart from her association with Burke. Great body – yeah, I know that’s sexist – sue me!

And so it goes on. I missed series one, but two was great, apart from the absolutely insane ending! And these people are so wet you could grow cress on them! Series three, though, and I’m left with the distinct feeling that the US screenwriters rehearsed their strike on this series. It couldn’t be any worse if the cast improvised. I mean, did someone really get paid for having Izzy stand outside the hospital like a lemon for an entire day? And is such a witless loser really safe to be allowed near patients with sharp instruments. Stick to the muffins, babe; you can’t kill them.

So I’m left with one overwhelming question – why the fuck do I watch it? Unless it’s for the possibility, however remote, that somebody might force-feed Ellen Pompeo with pork pies! Trouble is, it’s horribly addictive, like rubber-necking at a ten-car pile-up. MInd you, it does have, (in the form of Addison Shepherd), one of the most beautiful women on television, Kate Walsh – soon to get her own GA spin-off series. Now that should be worth my time! Just so long as her gormless husband – Mc Dreamy (why do Americans think Mc is pronounced muck? It’s Mac, you losers!) – is left behind shtupping Grey; they deserve each other.