BT Sucks – Updated…

Having finally lost patience with the fuckwits at BT, who have owed me £36 since February (see BT Sucks – Big time) and flatly refused to pay up, while admitting that they owe it, I’ve sued the buggers.

This afternoon, online, I launched a County Court claim for its recovery so now, including costs, it’ll set them back £61. With any luck, it might cost someone their job, or at least a stain on their record that will blight their prospects – that’s a warming thought!

The next job is to type out a bulletin and email it to the newsdesks of as many papers as I can, for maximum embarrassment, ready to send out as soon as the papers are served on BT.

The bottom line is that they took money of mine to which they were not entitled, so I believe I have a right to have it refunded in a manner acceptable to me – cheque or credit transfer, I don’t care which. They want to reduce my next bill which, as I pay the same amount every month by Direct Debit, won’t benefit me. In real terms I’ll still be £36 short. Reducing the bill is just an accounting exercise, not real money in my hand (or bank), and that’s all I’ll accept.

For anyone owed money, by BT or anyone else, you can access the online process here and the minimum fee is £25, which you’ll get back when you’re successful (if you’re able to attend the court in person and do this – I’m not – you may qualify for waiving of the fees). Note I said “when successful” – if you’re not confident of success, it could cost you money. In my case BT have never denied owing me – they just refuse to pay up. I don’t think spending £25 has ever brought me more pleasure – someone at BT will be, at the very least, in deep shit tomorrow morning. Excellent!


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  1. Have you read the terms and conditions of the bt service you have and the section regarding refunds?
    Might be worth a look over before spending any more money.

  2. Hi Jenny,

    I don’t think anyone ever reads the T&C!

    The thing is, though, that BT took cash out of my bank. They have a policy of not refunding overcharges in real terms (cheque or credit transfer), only by adjusting the bill. That worked when, before Direct Debits became the norm, everyone paid their bill by cheque or cash. That way, with a reduced bill, they’d just pay less for one quarter.

    With a DD the customer pays the same amount each month/quarter and reducing the bill is no more than just numbers on a piece of paper. It’s not, in any real terms, actual money.

    Shops were stopped, years ago, from issuing credit notes instead of cash for returned goods. The principal is the same here – a reduced bill is the equivalent of a credit note and, as far as I’m concerned, what’s good for M&S should be good for BT. That’s the crux of my claim.

    BT freely admit they owe me £36 – they should not be allowed, no matter what the T&C say, to refuse to pay it back in a form acceptable to me. I am the injured party, they are in the wrong – in any reasonable world it’s my choice what form the refund takes.

  3. Well i wish i could help you get something sorted but i work for another department in BT, unfortunately not dealing with credits.

  4. HI
    Please sign this petition ;
    BT Broadband service provider claims unlimited download speeds and then filters certain websites like etc and then that means we as customers are being exploited , We pay an above average monthly rate for our “Unlimited Broadband” , At the time of convincing us to sign up we were not told that our web use will be controlled and filtered as BT feels fit , In my world “Unlimited” means NO RESTRICTIONS.
    Also The BT servers are so slow at times that even showing a webpage can take minutes , BT Claims a 8 MEG speed but we only get between 1 and 4 megs, depending on the time of day. Once BT has you trapped in a 18 month contract you have to pay a fine to get out of it.
    Please sign this petition to say that you want BT to improve their service and stop filtering the websites we choose to visit.



  5. wow, what a brilliant site! I’m in awe, I love it! I want to do something similar (a gripe site) about a wedding planner who took me for a mug. Any tips as to setting one up?

    • Hi Wendy,

      Any tips? Wow – how long is a piece of string? Best advice I can give is to do what I did – go to WordPress, sign up, and dive in. Do read this first, though, if you’ve never been online before (by which I mean never had a website or blog)

      I’ve posted a load of blog writing tips here which should get you started.

      Oh, and pick a simple theme – some of the new ones are horribly complicated (full of bugs too). This theme is called Mistylook, and is very easy to get on with.

      You can get all the help you might need in the support forums – you might even find me there, it’s run by volunteers – but it really is very easy if you bear one basic fact in mind – you really do have to pay close attention to what you’re doing..

      And if you’re going to criticise anybody, make sure what you’re saying is 100% true – and you can prove it – and NEVER write anything that’s libellous. At best you’ll get your blog shut down, at worst you’ll get sued.

      Have fun.


  6. August 23: Payment of a full year in advance service
    Sept 1: Starting date of a new service, where there was a BT line working perfectly a day before.

    BT said: Sorry no service until Sept 13.

    * Why the can’t bleach the agreement? Can I say, sorry I won’t pay in 13 days?

    * My contract ends on Aug 31, 2011. Did they just steal 2 weeks?

    BT, the worst of England by far,

  7. BT are indeed the worst… but get this: apparently the NHS is turning to BT for advice on how to roll out its integrated IT system!!! Can you imagine anything worse? They could have gone to HSBC or someone who knows how privacy works, with works being the key word. BT does not know how to manage an account.

    I have spent hours trying to sort out My BT just so that I can get a look at my account. I have had three call backs, each time they seem to give me a new number I can call for help. When I do, the annoying automated answering system puts me back to the same people (the internet people didn’t know what My BT was). There are no choices on the answering system. I could go on about how undertrained the staff are and how the company treats them like monkeys that can only do a single task, but I’ll spare you the details :o(

    • Hmm… Pulse was saying last week that Lansley had kyboshed the IT system. No integrated system, which is too costly, but self-contained site-based systems linked as and when needed. By 2 cans and a piece of string possibly.

      What used to burn me with BT’s “support” was their stock response – you’ve screwed up, but don’t worry we’ll tell you how to put it right. Even when, at the time, I was asking how long their own fubar, which they admitted to, was likely to last!

  8. I am so fed up with BT. They say they can’t speak to me because my husband is the name on the account, we spent ages my husband and I speaking and getting this resolved, only to find that when the next bill came in it was addressed still to my husband, and I pay the bill, they are quick enough to add broadband or sell you BT vision without having to speak to my husband but when you need to speak to someone. All I wanted was 1571 added to my internet phone, but I was told I had to access this via on-line, anyway to cut a long story short, they were speaking to my husband one evening as he being the bill payer (not) anyway we couldn’t access the site, they reset the password, but it kept saying password not recognised, after about an hour of trying, and being put on silent hold we needed to have our dinner, we placed the receiver thinking they would call us back, no such luck, so after we had our dinner I rang to see if we could continue, and it sounded like the same chap, and we got disconnected, anyone else keep finding you get disconnected!! when I tried to ring again I got disconnected again, I then tried to continue the call the following morning, and was told they would need to speak to my husband! I am so frustrated! all I want is 1571 added and it’s a free service! My husband is tired when he gets home from work the last thing he wants to do is spend an hour on the phone to BT idiots!

  9. I have another story to add to the BT Sucks saga. I have phone service with them and have had it for 19 months. I am now switching to Sky for broadband and phone (better deal). I was told by BT that I am being charged 40.25 for early termination. It was a 12 month contract. They say that it automatically renews for another 12 months. Who ever heard of such crap as this? Once a contract is over, you usually pay month by month. They are F***ing crooks…. They have the highest line rental of anyone out there also. Damn I hate people that screw the public and the government lets them do it.

    • Hmm… I did exactly that a few months ago – as soon as my contract was up I switched my phone to Sky (already had TV and broadband). No problems.

      No such thing as a self-renewing contract – talk to Trading Standards.

  10. Linda Deegan
    Executive Level Complaints
    BT Retail
    Direct 0131 448 3675
    Fax: 01925 444978

    Took me four days and over 20 of their ‘dedicated and experienced team’ to reach her.

    • The “dedicated and experienced” staff are dedicated to one thing only – making everything your fault. On one occasion they posted a message on their portal, apologising for their mail servers being down (down was their natural state!), so I emailed them asking how long this might go on for, and got an email from some cretin telling me not to worry, as he would now tell me how to fix the problem I’d caused!

      And they’re in India, which is no sodding good when you need someone in the UK.

  11. Heya, I just moved home, I am currently left with NO internet until the 13th Dec, I told them on the 16th of September that I was moving. They also tried to charge £127 “Connection fee”
    ( when i first took out this contract, I had to pay a connection fee as there was no active line, but was reduced by some kind of “new contract” credit, so I didn’t mind- But the engineer got to my home, and he said there was nothing for him to do as the line was connected)
    I had to take out a bt vision package, at the same price, but had to buy a bt vision box for £60 and the connection would be free. But by doing this I have had to extend my contract to 24 months. Unfortunately I had to do this As with moving I do not currently have a lot of money.
    Whilst I was on the phone the gentleman also said he would apply a credit so the box itself would only cost around £23. But upon looking at the bill sent it appears that this was not the case. I cant cancel the contract as it would cost £190 in fees. I have no proof that this man has applied this credit, or that he said so, so even if I were to phone ( on my mobile, so would use all my credit on this, as I’m left without my bt line)
    I highly doubt they’d do anything. I’m really annoyed at this. I’m having to use my mobile broadband dongle which is really slow. I certainly will not be using bt again.

  12. My Aunt has been a BT customer for around 30 years(that may be irrelevant to some people, but i think it should count for something). She was sold a BT “broadband” package which she wanted to use for Skype video calls to keep in touch with her family abroad. However, she was constantly being disconnceted, so after a few weeks I tested her connection speed 3 times over the period of 1 week and it was always below 1Mb/s. Hardly “broadband”.

    She explained to me she’d called them to ask for help but spoke to a couple of people who told her to switch her computer and router on and off several times. When this didnt help they became rude and she “got cut off”.

    So I decided to call them myself. Holy shit. I have never spoken to such an incompetent bunch of morons in my life. I noted everything down and the facts are: I spoke to a total of 8 different people over a period of 3 afternoons. 3 of them told me to reset the router, despite the fact I told them this hand’t helped previously. 1 of them told me to switch off the PC and try again the following morning! 2 of them told me to upgrade my computer, despite the fact I told them the laptop was brand new. And the remaining 2 I couldn’t understand a word they were saying.

    Needless to say, after waiting for 3 BT call backs that never happened she cancelled her BT landline after 30 odd years and is now with Virgin. So far so good. Very fast connection. Does what it sais on the tin.

    BT you suck. Goodbye.

    • BT support is based in India – which wouldn’t be too bad if they didn’t employ the thickest buggers they could find!

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