Firefox 3 sucks…

Go to this page for a fix for the bookmark problem.

Please note that Firefox is now up to v3.5.2, and the problems here and on other posts relating v3.x are now largely irrelevant except for those who have failed up upgrade.

Note – Support for FF2 ends officially in December, though it looks like it may have happened already – see here.

Update: The computer press, online, is banging on about 8 million downloads being a record (if there’s a record for downloading unusable crap, Mozilla will win hands down), and there’s a mention of an apparently huge security vulnerability, but not a word about the fact that it simply doesn’t bloody work! What’s going on? If Microsoft had released an abortion like this there’d be uproar, so why do Mozilla seem to be getting a free ride?


Firefox 3 is a colossal fuck-up and should never have been released.

Having upgraded from v 2, one massive flaw was that the Organise Bookmarks settings, no matter what you do, have no effect on the Bookmarks sidebar, which remains in its default state – chaotic (despite the fact that it was in a-z order before the upgrade).

The little down arrow in the address bar (I don’t know what it’s called – I’m not that geeky), presented me with what appeared to be a random selection of Bookmarks, instead of the half-dozen frequently-used URLs that normally live there. I deleted them – and got a fresh and equally random selection – this, it seems, will continue ad infinitum if allowed to.

There may well be worse faults – and judging from what I’ve read on Mozilla’s website, and elsewhere online, there are a great many – but that was enough for me, and I binned it.

I’ve been happily using Firefox for a couple of years, and right now I’m back with v2.0.0.14, which is where I’ll stay until they produce a new version that actually works. Version 3 isn’t it.

Check out this page, too.

38 thoughts on “Firefox 3 sucks…

  1. this is junk !! the best is still v firefox get it together !!! is this the best you can do.. you have dropped the ball on this one .

  2. Not only does the “chrome” suck and basic UI functions suck (bookmarks!) BUT on top of that there are many sites that now break totally under release 3 that did not break under Beta!

    Bloomberg, now fails (I think) due to the landing page that has an interstitial advert. It gives back the error “page cannot be loaded due to unsupported compression method” – wtf?, gives a 503 error even though the site is perfectly accessible by every other browser.

    This is a real fiasco. It seems like they had bugs still to fix, had backed themselves into a corner on the release date and went ahead with the release because they had gone to great lengths to get people to “pledge” to download to make it the most downloaded app ever. Christ, what a pooch screw. I’m not sure I want to keep supporting them if they are going to make decisions in this way. God knows what else is broken.

  3. Beats me. They must know it’s fubar, so time pressure or not, releasing it was an act of colossal stupidity.

    There were no commercial pressures driving the release (it’s not as if they’re selling the thing), so they’d have looked far better holding it back for as long as it took to fix it – this farce will have damaged Mozilla’s rep, and will certainly have an adverse affect on their market share. Serves the buggers right, too – they must have known how bad it is.

  4. If you ask me, they might as well call it Firefox Vista. I can’t believe I’d see the day that I would turn to MSIE for relief.

  5. …And just realized “Check spelling as you type” doesn’t work in text fields — only in textareas.

  6. Not in the sense that it doesn’t actually work, like FF3, but in my view it’s overly complex, hogs memory more and is way slower than FF. I’d go with FF

  7. I reverted to FF very quickly myself, when I found out my favorite theme wouldn’t work, half my extensions (including Adblock, my favorite one) weren’t supported, and it just didn’t FEEL like FF anymore to me. Maybe they’ll get the issues sorted out soon. In the meantime, I’ll use less than state of the art in exchange for familiarity and stability.

  8. Yeah, to me beta was actually experimental. And it has just now progressed to beta. I erased hardy heron beta because of firefox 3 and kde 4. And now using Arch linux an update replaces firefox 2 with 3. I fell asleep at the wheel. Opera looks fine but was incompatible with one of my email providers. I replaced the (expletives-galore) bar with oldbar, and that was some progress. But when I select messages to delete in yahoo mail, the check mark doesn’t appear. Until I’ve clicked two or three others or delete. If it wasn’t free, I’d be pissed big time. And our options appear to be nonexistent. And the search box or whatever it is called, and even this one I’m typing in are barely visible.

  9. Couldn’t agree more. Firefox 3 is a freaking bust. The new “awesomebar” is the browser equivalent to being flicked in the nuts every 10 seconds. It’s as if FF was invaded by a bunch of college graduates in Kenneth Cole shoes and thick black rimmed glasses that are trying WAAAYYYYY too hard to be cool. I went back with version 2 but even after deleting all the files I still can’t delete URL’s from my address bar with the right click. FF3 is a virus or something.

  10. Craig, you should be able to remove URLs by by moving the cursor over them to hi-light them – no need to click – and hitting Del. Works for me – it’s what I’ve always done as
    right-clicking an URL in FF’s address-bar list has always had the same effect as left-clicking.

  11. Yeah, that’s what I’ve ended up doing unfortunately. I know it’s a minor gripe but not having all these minor gripes is why I was using FF in the first place. Oh well, I digress, thank you for the reply kind Sir.

  12. Just a thought, but we all know over 8 million punters downloaded FF3 on the first day. We also know the servers crashed, so are there corrupted versions of FF3 rattling around, I wonder?

    My download came via a mirror in Holland, and I’ve just downloaded another copy (from the same place – it would be nice to have a choice of mirrors, in case the Dutch one is hosting a corrupted version…).

    Anyway, I’m not screwing up my laptop again, I’m installing it on my backup machine. I’ll post the results here – you may well hear the screams where you are if it’s still the same!

    OK – I uninstalled the previous version first, unlike last time, and…

    Oh bugger – it’s exactly the same fuckup. My Bookmarks are totally scrambled, just as they were before, and Organise Bookmarks just doesn’t work. The same presentation of random nonsense in the address bar URL list, too, instead of the few useful ones I keep there (quicker than Bookmarks). Aside from this, it seems to function OK as far as I can see, but as those two snafus impact on almost everything else I do – if Bookmarks aren’t in alphabetical order, then what on earth is the point?

    I wonder if it works on Vista – anyone know?

  13. I tried the del url trick and it worked on all but one of the urls. It disappears, then reappears.

  14. OK, the url I tried to remove is bookmarked! Still, I’d rather be able to remove it from the list. A minor thing.

  15. Odd, that, Tim. Never had that happen, and I’ve just tried deleting a bookmarked URL out of curiosity – it went away without difficulty.

  16. It goes away, but returns. That reminds me of something . . .! Anyway, what about the search bar not being white. And not defined with a line or border. After replacing the stupid bar with oldbar, it is better, but still a ways to go.

  17. Firefox 3 wont run stumble. That’s an abomination. Especially since stumble is placed as a promoted extension when you first install F3. What a load of junk.

    Firefox 3 is not compatible with older extensions and themes.

    Extensions are what made firefox interesting.

    Mozilla just made plain vanilla this time.

    Deleted, period.

  18. Well I lost all my bookmarks in 3 last night and couldn’t recover them even after trying the posts in different forums telling how to do it. PLUS 3 was so painfully slow to display when loading multiple tabs. I downloaded Opera and imported the bookmark file and am off and running… and it’s faster to display too.

  19. There was a guy on Radio 4 today, praising Firefox to the skies, especially the wonderful way it handles bookmarks! Yeah, right…

    That does, though, tend to lend weight to my idea that there may well be corrupted versions of FF3 being downloaded – why else are people having such vastly different experiences with it?

    Mozilla, though, can’t have failed to notice that there IS a serious problem, and yet they’re completely ignoring it – as is everyone else except the victims of the thing. It seems, though, they don’t give a shit.

    Note: Firefox’s spellchecker doesn’t recognise the word Firefox – you couldn’t make it up! Mind you, the Add-on British English dictionary seems to have the vocabulary of a 10-year-old.

    sniperbait – Intriguing. I find Opera painfully slow. It’s just taken 20 seconds to load the home page of – way longer than FF2.

  20. I’ve been using this since it came out and from a developer perspective it is driving me crazy. It feels like a browser from several years ago.

    The error console is stuck in an inifite loop on many of my pages trying to process a top tag resulting in no errors when there is a javascript error I’m trying to debug.

    view page source often returns the wrong source.

    Just not ready for prime time.

    and … why is it everytime they release a new version plugins don’t work and you have to wait for developers to update them yet once again…

  21. I tried to send a question to their forum, and I’m told I mistyped the number in the anti-bot box. I’m staring at the number, double checking and rechecking, and of course it appears to be the right number, but they must be right. Maybe I can find an online course that will teach me how to type 91944.

  22. Glad it’s not just me that happens to. Bloody annoying though… Getting a new number often works; do Mozilla have that option?

  23. Opera.

    Like others, I’ve been considering opera as an alternative, but for me it’s clunky. You have to double-click to run a Flash applet (like my blog stats, for example), not just the first time, but EVERY time. No option, in Preferences, to enable Flash either. OK, that’s not the end of the world, but god, it’s irritating, given the prevalence of Flash these days.

    While it’s OK on most websites, on newspaper sites – I read a lot of papers online – it just bogs down; 20+ second page transitions just aren’t acceptable. And why does it count every element on the page and tell you about it? Would it be any faster if it didn’t do that, I wonder?

  24. Opera would work for me if it was compatible with one of my webmail providers. I have some stuff advertised using that address, but soon I will not be compatible with that provider. I removed firefox and reinstalled, but no improvement. There was a message when I started it that it was neither a stable, nor final, nor beta that I had installed. Or something to that effect. That sounds like something a politician would say. Anyway, I downloaded Seamonkey, and it sucks too. But not as bad. At least when I click to remove an email message, the check mark appears. A strange way to measure success.

  25. Weird message – maybe I’m right about some mirrors downloading junk… Of course, since Mozilla don’t give us a choice of mirror, there’s no way of finding out.

    If FF2.0.0.14 ever reaches the point where it becomes unusable – and I can’t think why it should at this point – it looks like Opera for general use and IE for newspapers and other resource-hungry sites. Not exactly progress…

    I’ve been tinkering with FF3 on my backup machine, but nothing I can do will make Organise Bookmarks work – at all – or stop the address bar history offering me what appears to be a random selection from my bookmarks instead of the half-dozen useful URLs I normally keep there. Why, in fact, doesn’t it quite simply retain the settings for those who are upgrading from the previous version? I mean, just how goddamn hard is that!?

    I don’t know how good or bad the rest of it is, but if those two functions won’t work I’ve no interest in looking any further into it. There’s at least a decade’s worth of links in Bookmarks – having them randomly scrambled is simply unacceptable (on the other hand, I really must go through them one day, and edit out the dross).

  26. Well, isn’t life strange! It seems my issues related to the geniuses that put together my operating system. I am using Arch linux, and have been quite satisfied with it, in spite of what many people say about it. It isn’t for everyone, and that is a good thing. Most of the time. I kept downloading firefox and was puzzled by the size only being .91 MB. And uncompressed less than 4 MB. Sure enough it seems these guys had taken a machete to my browser. Anyway, I got rid of Kdemod, and installed Kde, then firefox and suddenly I’m not screaming and kicking stuff anymore! My check boxes work like they should again. I’m sure you looked, but I noticed several bookmark extensions available. Occasionally I just pull the trigger and start over. Painful but clean!

  27. FF3 is the biggest piece o’ shite “upgrade” I’ve ever seen released. I was smart enough to do a backup of my FF2 install and extensions before the upgrade so the inevitable roll back to FF2 was quick and painless. I just don’t get why they released that, they lost a lot of net-cred IMO.

  28. I thought it was just me. I upgraded and realized it was a huge mistake. I should have checked to see whether Tab Mix worked (it doesn’t) and never would have guessed that it wouldn’t allow me to edit posts in some of the message boards I frequent, like Beliefnet. For some reason, you can’t insert your cursor in a sentence and do basic edits with FF3. Some drop downs don’t work either.

    I found the link to FF2, deleted FF3 and reinstalled.

    What a disaster.

  29. Without the slightest irony, PC Advisor offers The 12 best Firefox 3 Tweaks. Seven pages of them, and the one thing conspicuous by its absence is “How to make this scrofulous app work properly!” And you can’t even get rid of the piece of shit Awsome Bar. What retard thought that was ever a good idea?

    I kid you not, if Microsoft had perpetrated this abomination there’d be uproar, but there is not one single word of criticism from reviewers – or if there is I blinked and missed it.

    Mozilla apologists (see More Firefox 3 sucks post), claim it’s not the apps, its us, the users. Bullshit. We can’t all be wrong.

    I don’t consider myself particularly techie, and I don’t expect to have to wage war on an application to make the buggardly thing work. I’ve never needed to and I’m sure as hell not going to start with FF3.

  30. I too did not like this”improved”release at first.
    I have had to do extensive work to change it to workable form,
    Time spent experimenting with different configurations and settings.
    After spending an inordinate amount of time in about:config and finding similar add-on’s to replace the one’s that currently do not work,I’m finding that this version can be made faster and more reliable than previous iterations.
    However that does not forgive the Firefox development team for releasing a truly under prepared product.
    The average user would not or could not reconfigure “stock” settings to improve performance.
    I expected much more from Mozilla.

  31. “The average user would not or could not reconfigure “stock” settings to improve performance.”

    Indeed – they shouldn’t have to, either – nor should anyone else. Previous versions worked perfectly well with little or no input from me. As for forcing the egregious Awesome Bar onto everyone, whether they want it or not, well, that beggars belief.

    There are some revealing comments from a Mozilla guy here.

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  33. There was a long exchange of posts with Edilee about FF3’s failings, particularly the “smart”bar.

    The guy then deleted all the posts that he didn’t like.

    That is how they treat customer feedback.

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