Is that your blog? If so, I’d like to hear from you.

Intrigued by the title, I clicked on the link, only to get a message from WordPress saying the blog has been deleted by the owner. That being the case, I’d love to know how you’re visiting my blog, so frequently, from a blog that doesn’t exist. Not that I think there’s anything sinister going on, I’m just baffled.

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  1. I forget how I found your blog, I think I was probably tag surfing, but I can’t remember what for or which post I saw first.

    Anyway, I’ve been visiting a lot because I like your rants – I like your common-sense, no-nonsense approach to things and tend to agree with you on most things; I tend to be opinionated myself so I felt right at home 😉 I hate the way the description has become an insult, what’s wrong with knowing your own mind and being firm in it? Keep up the good work!

    Hmm, it is odd that it says my blog has been deleted by the owner – it’s merely set as private.

    The blog is just my personal journal for my own benefit, but I’ve been toying with idea of “going public” ever since I started, just about a year ago. It would need a bit of a tidy up first (mainly some entries that I sketched out and never went back and finished and maybe some editing for consistancy) and I’ve not found the time yet.

    The name is a quote from the first verse of the song “Starless” by the great prog-rock band King Crimson:

    Sundown, dazzling day
    Gold through my eyes
    But my eyes turned within
    Only see
    Starless and bible black

  2. Ah – there you are.

    Glad you like what I’m doing – it’s always nice to be appreciated. Yes, opinionated is very much misinterpreted these days – part of the overall dumbing-down of the language, I suspect, just as begging the question has come to mean its exact opposite through constant misuse – for the record, folks, it means avoiding the question, not posing it. I used to work as an adult literacy tutor, before my ME got in the way, and I’m convinced that English isn’t taught as assiduously as it once was.

    Your blog was shown as deleted, so I asked WordPress what was going on – I couldn’t see how you could access my blog from yours if yours was deleted. I didn’t get a reply but your blog reappeared as private.

    I’ve had a blog and website for people with ME for 4 years – it’s the Ron’s Realm link – but as most of my visitors appeared to be women, I had to be a little circumspect in my choice of language. OK – I’m not gratuitously profane but, sometimes, only four-letter-words will serve to make a point but, for the most part, I thought that inappropriate for my main blog.

    So, I created Ron’s Rants (linked to with the caveat that the language was a little forthright). Ron’s Realm got over 52,000 hits last year, but I’m not going to reach that figure this year, having spread myself rather thinly. Mind you, Ron’s Rants has racked up 1,722 hits in two and a half months, so I have hopes (there are few things worse than blogging into oblivion).

    I think you should consider, seriously, going public with your blog, unless it’s intensely personal. After all, if it’s not read by others – maybe kindred spirits – it’s just a diary. And you can, of course, protect your privacy by shutting down comments if they become troublesome.

    And, as you appreciate what I’m doing – which is extremely gratifying – maybe you’d attract others of a like mind…

    Oh, and the reason I haven’t asked for access to your blog is that’s your call – I respect your privacy.

  3. I’m with you on the English language – unfortunately I don’t know as much about its correct use as I would like, but I tend to be pedantic and a bit old-fashioned about its use.

    I did start my blog as a diary, I wouldn’t have started it if I’d not been able to keep it private. It is fairly personal, but probably not more so than your own. I wondered right from the start about the possibility of ‘going public’ at some stage so everything is already pretty anonymous.

    As the intention was that it would be a diary that I could look back on to make comparisons, if needed, to chart progress, it is full of mundanities and the minutiae of my life. I don’t tend to rant on there, maybe I should! But I do wonder how interesting it is likely to be to anyone else. Perhaps it is time I got it in order and found out? You might just have given me a kick…

  4. If necessary, you could edit it before going public – if that’s not too big a task. As for it being personal, how much you disclose is entirely your choice and, if it’s just about you, there shouldn’t any problems. And your English usage looks fine to me…

    Take care where others are concerned, though – people can take offence at the most innocuous remark. I swear, some of them go out of their way to be offended!

    A caveat: Limit the personally-identifiable information. I don’t mind using a photo of myself (and I must get a new one), as the chances of strangers being able to identify/locate me from it are vanishingly small (not that I’m actively hiding – it’s just not relevant to most people). Likewise, only my forename appears. Common sense precautions, really. Anyone who needs to know who I am, and where I am, can be told personally – the rest of the world doesn’t need to know any more than I’m Ron and I’m in Wirral, UK.

    A tip – if you post an email address,either post it as an image or in a format like ron at ronsrealm dot me dot uk to foil bots trawling the web for usable email addresses. And the reason I haven’t done that is that my email address escaped into the wild years ago – you can’t put the genii back in the bottle – so I use Spam-filtering software (Mailwasher).

    “I don’t tend to rant on there, maybe I should! ”


    I tend to apply what I call the “Smack in the mouth test” to anything I post. Basically, if I wouldn’t say it face to face, without risking a smack in the mouth, I won’t say it online. A principle a lot of bloggers could usefully adopt! It’s NOT acceptable to say whatever you like just because you’re out of reach. Probably irrelevant to your content, though, by the sound of it.

    Much of the time, though, I don’t rant either, it’s just that I already have a blog and website called Ron’s Realm, which would have been my preferred title.

    Another caveat: I don’t know where you’re based, but here in the UK we have a government department called the Department of Work and Pensions, who seem to like nothing better than making life difficult for the disabled (when their brief is to do quite the opposite). In consequence, I try to make sure I post nothing here that could be prejudicial. You don’t need to be a benefits fraud to attract their ire – quite the opposite, in fact.

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