The Lightning Process

I have written a review of The Lightning Process, a claimed remedy for ME/CFS, and I should very much like to post it here. However, because it may turn out to be controversial, and because the WordPress moderators could just possibly be persuaded it’s in breach of their Terms of Service (it’s not), I could suddenly find my entire blog deleted and gone forever.

Yep, if you haven’t read the ToS, you should, because that’s what happens, and there’s no appeal, if you are deemed in breach. I’m perfectly confident that what I’ve written is NOT in breach of the ToS, and that I’m being over-cautious, but I really can’t afford the risk of someone at WordPress getting it wrong out of ignorance of the subject matter.

It also flies in the face of what WordPress says elsewhere:-

“Your data is your data, and don’t trust any service that treats you otherwise.”

I can’t reconcile the fact that they can delete my entire blog without notice or appeal, with that statement.

I have, therefore, posted it on my own website, where I’m the sole arbiter.

If you have read it already, on the ME Free for All website, to which I’ve contributed quite a bit, then this is a somewhat revised version.


One thought on “The Lightning Process

  1. The following comment was left on a different post – as it mostly applies to this one, I’ve copied it over. You’ll find the original comment, and my replies, on this post


    Hi Ron

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for making me think realistically (sorry about the spelling…I used to be a good speller but you know how it is) about the whole lightning process. I couldn’t help finding it strange that they didn’t want anyone to apply who was at all doubtful or cynical because surely someone who has been messed around and treated badly by all the doctors she’s met is bound to be slightly doubtful about an apparent “miracle cure” for an illness I’ve had for 2 years which is meant to be treated in 3 days.

    I was actually told about the lightning Process by my dentist’s receptionist of all people who heard about it on the radio. The wonders of the medical services in our country. Thank you for appealing to the rational side of my brain. It’s hard not to believe in a cure when an illness has ruined your life though and you can’t help thinking how stupid you would feel if you let a cure go and was ill for so much longer.

    I have almost filled in the forms for benefits but I think I’m too scared to send them off because I’m pretty sure of the reaction I’ll get and I am also worried about the going back to work scheme that is meant to help me.

    I am also house bound and was very pleased to get too the dentist yesterday even though it was pretty pointless as there is nothing wrong with my teeth.

    I tried to go to sixth form last September and the teachers were terrible and told me when I said I couldn’t do the sponsored walk to “show willing” and pour tea for the walkers! that was what I was up against if I wanted an education! I decided to leave and have been very ill these last few months because of how much I over did it.

    I have a great occupational therapist but cannot get to see her as I have to travel an hour there and back if I want to.

    Anyway what I wanted to tell you is that I suffer from short term memory loss because of M.E and I’m not saying that that is the reason for your short term memory loss but I forget words and what I was saying halfway through a sentence. I don’t know if that helps at all but I thought I should let you know it can be a symptom… although you probably already know that.

    thanks a lot


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