Firefox 3 sucks follow-up…

Please note that Firefox is now up to v3.5.2, and the problems here and on other posts relating v3.x are now largely irrelevant except for those who have failed up upgrade.

Firefox flashed an update alert when I turned it on this morning. When I clicked on it, it turned out to be offering FF3. Three option buttons were offered, Get the new version, Later, and the most important option, NEVER!

That suggests to me that they finally realise there’s a lot of dissatisfaction with FF3, and that many people don’t want it (not before time!), but it also suggests very strongly that they couldn’t give a shit and they’ve stopped supporting FF2 (currently at v2.0.0.16).

If this is, indeed, the case (time will tell, unless there’s an announcement – ) – clicking the Check for Updates option in Help merely brings up the same FF3 offer pane – then FF2 will pretty soon become unusable through lack of security updates. Looks like it may be time to switch to Opera. A pity, that, as though Opera is very good, I prefer the layout of FF, with the tabs below the address bar, not above, which I find perverse. It’s a minor point, I suppose, and I’ll soon get used to it, but it just seems so pointless. Ah well…


Update, August 29 – er, there has been an announcement – support for FF2 ends officially in December, though it looks like it already has.


Afterthought – maybe, with the Never option, they’re testing the water and, if they get enough rejections they may continue to support FF2. And then, again, pigs might fly. If you check out Mozilla’s rejection of FF3 criticism on this blog, it’s quite clear that they don’t care one iota that many people hate FF3, and that it is quite severely dysfunctional. If you doubt that, go here and here, on this blog, and check out the criticisms on the two posts you’ll get. Go here, too, for an excellent, more techie approach to FF3 and its many defects – it really is crap!


Update: Ha! 24 hours later and it’s clear that the Never button means nothing at all in Mozilla-world, as when I turned on FF this morning there it was again – a pop-up plugging FF3. As before, I hit the Never button, but I fully expect to see the bloody thing again every sodding morning. Even if FF3 was fault free, until they lose that ‘kin stupid, pointless and vastly irritating Awesome Bar, they can shove it! The only awesome thing about it is Mozilla’s arrogance in refusing to provide an option to remove or disable it.

3 days later and still the bloody FF3 pop-up, er, pops up. I’ve disabled automatic checking for updates in the hope that it’ll solve the problem.


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