One of the Google threads that brought someone here was “Opera sucks”. To which I can only say, no it bloody doesn’t (RR, passim).

Opera is an excellent browser, if a little quirky. I originally rejected it because of this, but eventually went back to it – because support for Firefox 2 ends in December – and have been happily using it for over a month, now.

It does, admittedly, have a couple of glitches, but they are probably worse for me and other WordPress bloggers than for the average user (it isn’t supported by Google Gears, its spell-checker is crappy, and saving and publishing new posts is slow, without Google Gears). The spell-checker I can get around by writing in Word and pasting the finished article into WP.

The standard black colour scheme is atrocious for anyone over 12 who isn’t a Goth, but a standard Windows colour scheme is supplied.

It has an excellent Bookmarks search facility, and organising Bookmarks is a doddle – try that in FF3, Chrome, or ‘kin Safari, and see how far you get! And in IE, that function has always sucked, and still does – no search facility, either.

My advice is to just use the bloody thing. Stick with it for a month, then tell me it sucks. If you still think it does then you’re stuffed – nothing else out there comes close to Opera’s functionality.


2 thoughts on “Opera…

  1. I say beware of Opera, especially if you intend to use the mail client. There’s no support hardly. After using it four years something happens that it crashes all the time, even when I upload new versions. I had to completely delete it, and in the process accidentally lost all my contacts. Having reloaded entirely it still gets stuck when checking mail and causes the whole program to go bust.

    Not one of my queries for help has been answered.

  2. Indeed, but let’s face it, as email clients go, it’s pretty primitive. As a browser, though, it’s fine.

    And there’s a useful lesson for others – when you’re routinely backing up, don’t forget your Contacts. Bookmarks, too.

    If you need a free email client, Incredimail – if you shut down all the pointless bells and whistles – is actually pretty good, as is Mozilla Thunderbird. Both are better by a country mile than Opera.

    Not too surprised you’ve had no replies, though – it’s a pretty common failing, whatever the app – can’t even talk to Adobe about the alleged Flash problem.

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