David Cameron and the truth…

Child Protection Agencies, of late, appear to have been asleep at the switch. The most recent example is the case of Shannon Matthews, placed on the Child Protection Register 5 years ago, over concerns about her mother’s life-style and doubts about her ability to care for her, and subsequently removed, for reasons that remain unclear.  And let’s not forget Baby P.

Human oil-slick David Cameron has been heaping opprobrium upon the CPAs of late (as has the government, of course), but he’s also contriving to make everything the fault of the government – I’ll come back to that, because it’s substantially less than honest.

CPA staff work in almost impossible conditions, in the field – a point conveniently ignored of late. Picking up inadvertant child abuse brought about by ignorance and inexperience is the relatively easy part. When it comes to deliberate and violent abuse, not only do they face a barrier of lies and disinformation, they also put themselves in harm’s way. Repeatedly. Violence against staff is all too common, and yet no-one seems to care over-much. Why is that, I wonder?

Having said that, stupidity is, seemingly too often, a feature of their work but please, don’t lose sight of the fact that the majority of cases, when they get it right, simply don’t make the pages of the Daily Mail. They’re only human, and mistakes can happen, but they’re very convenient whipping-boys.

However, there are sometimes examples of fuck-uppery on a grand scale – remember the Orkney satanic child abuse cases in 1990? A colossal and tragic farce from beginning to end, and social workers were right at the heart of it, which brings us neatly back to Oily Dave.

Why? Well, because the party in power at that time, and for years before and after, was his own – the Conservative party. So, would he accept, then, that those events were the fault of the Tory government in general, and of Margaret Thatcher in particular? I sincerely doubt it, because to do so would be supremely stupid, and yet he has no problems with laying the blame recent problems firmly and the door of the Labour government, and of Gordon Brown in particular, which is not supremely stupid at all, it’s supremely, and cynically, dishonest – perhaps he should be dubbed Duplicitous Dave, instead?

Of all the things that go wrong, sometimes horribly wrong, in this country, very, very, few are actually the fault of the government or the prime minister, no matter who is in power, and yet this scurrilous fuck – over and over again, on TV, in the press, and in parliament – repeatedly blames the government, and Gordon Brown, for every bloody thing that goes wrong (note for the hard of thinking – the loss of laptops or flash memory sticks, for example, is entirely the fault of the stupid sods who lost them – no-one else). He’s even blamed Brown – personally – for the global financial meltdown and widespread recession.

Is he aware of his deceit? Of course he is; whatever else he may be, he’s not stupid, but the scary thing is that a lot of people do believe this quite egregious – and blatant – bullshit, not least those of the Daily Mail persuasion (and that’s a hell of a lot). And that’s terrifying, because in about a year’s time, or maybe a little more, these people are very likelyto vote Duplicitous Dave into power, because the British are just as stupid as Americans when it comes to electing people they really shouldn’t (Thatcher, for example – wouldn’t it be nice if we still had a coal industry right now?). Cameron is, perhaps,  the British Bush, or maybe Nixon – someone you sure as hell wouldn’t buy a used car from, or even trust to walk your dog, but who is, at least superficially, very persuasive, and that’s more than enough for a worryingly large segment of the electorate.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.