A tip to alleviate acid reflux (GERD), in COPD…

…or GORD, in the UK.

The best tip I can offer you is – sleep on your left side. I prefer to sleep on my right, and, if acid reflux (aka GERD), is going to happen, it’ll happen then. Usually, it happens in the morning, after my first batch of meds, which I take at 05.00 then go back to bed so, presumably Continue reading


A bed wedge for COPD…

Where to buy a bed wedge for COPD?

Depending where you live, there are many choices, and some extremely high prices. Like pretty much everything I buy, except food, I got mine online.

There are two types of wedge; adjustable, metal-framed, and foam. I’d advise against a metal-framed, adjustable one – the design sucks and will gouge your back if you’re a restless sleeper – and would recommend a foam one, I got mine here for £25. You can easily pay £70 for an identical product. Don’t.

A word of advice – foam products, like this, can emit noxious fumes (I don’t know whether mine did, but it certainly smelled unpleasant). There is a solution, though. When you receive it, it’ll be tightly wrapped in plastic Continue reading

DLA application help for ME/CFS sufferers…

That appeared in my Google stats on my blog and is probably worth giving its own post.

ME-specific help can he had from ME support organisations, in the UK this is primarily Action for ME amd the ME Association .

Help in filling in the long and, if ME “brain-fog” strikes, complex form, can be obtained from a local benefits advice agency. The  Citizen’s Advice Bureau should be able to point you in the right direction. That’s the link to their national website, which is well worth checking out, not just for your local branch, but because it’s a mine of information.

Search Google, too, for your local MESH (ME Self-Help), group, if there is one.

Dangerous bus route – the Prenton Circular…

The Prenton Circular bus route, here in Birkenhead, is dangerous and potentially lethal – this, my recent experience with it, is why:-


Yesterday (Monday, January 26), I boarded the inbound 11.55(ish), 90 bus (Prenton Circular), not far from home. I’m disabled, and walk with difficulty and with the aid of a crutch; I also have a disabled persons’ travel pass. My status, then, was perfectly clear to the driver. Who, as subsequent events showed, cared not one iota.

Before I was able to find a seat (the seats on this service are wholly inadequate for two adults, and the closest available empty seat was rather more than half-way down the bus), I was hurled violently Continue reading

Tales of the Supernatural – the beginning…

When I wrote my Supernatural Tales? posts, it struck me that, throughout my life, weirdness has featured – and sometimes dominated. Come back with me, if you will, to the bitterly cold winter of 1985/86…

But first, a caveat. Most genuine supernatural experiences are remarkably free of chain-rattling spectres, mysteriously blood-spattered walls, distant sobbing, and shrieks in the night. They are, in the main, almost disappointingly mundane – unless you have to live with them.

When I was married, I lived in Oxton, Birkenhead, in the garden flat of a typical Liverpool magnate’s townhouse, converted into flats. Our flat, at the front, was in the basement, at the back, because of the slope (I doubt Oxton has any flat land – it’s built on a ridge), it was level with the garden – hence the name; it looked better than Partially Subterranean Flat… Continue reading

Blue Monday – the reality…

Over the past week, the papers have been filled with the “fact” that last Monday was “officially” the most depressing day of the year. Dr Cliff Arnall actually has an equation to demonstrate this (that he also has an equation for the “happiest” day of the year, sponsored by Wall’s ice-cream, is a pretty good indicator that the whole idea is the most egregious bollocks). Continue reading

English as she is wrote…

…or Bad Language Part 4.

I was reading the Guardian this morning and I was struck – not for the first time – by the sloppy English usage that’s so prevalent these days in the paper.

In the article “Bush bashed as satirists stick to familiar targets,” today, journalist Dan Glaister used “nemesis” in a way completely opposite to its real meaning. For example, Daily Show presenter, Jon Stewart is the nemesis of Continue reading