DLA at 65…

I get so many questions about this, I thought it was time to give it its own post, even though it’s covered elsewhere.

If you are already 65 and getting DLA, then your entitlement continues if you have been awarded it indefinitely, or for a specific period that takes you beyond 65. What I’m not sure of – and this affects a great many people with ME/CFS – is what happens if, say, your award is for, say, 2 years. Can you renew your claim, at review, if that review is when you’re over 65? If anyone has the answer to this, please let me know and I’ll pass it along here (duly acknowledged).

If you become disabled before your 65th birthday, and you get your claim in before then, then you qualify for DLA

If, however, you become disabled when you are already 65, or older, then you can’t apply for DLA, but have to apply for Attendance Allowance instead. The logic of this defeats me, but we’re stuck with it.

When the government next gets the urge to bugger about with the benefits system, it would be far more equitable to abolish AA and remove the age limit from DLA. I wouldn’t put money on it happening any time soon, though!