Amazon’s Kindle – what’s the point…

It’s getting hard to avoid reviews of Amazon’s Kindle, their updated electronic book thingy. Utterly pointless, though, as there’s no indication when it will be available here in the UK – It’s like a yachting magazine reviewing the QE2.

No idea what this gizmo will cost when it’s finally available in the UK, Amazon aren’t saying (the previous version was $399), but whatever it is it would doubtless pay for a whole lot of books (and I don’t care how good, or how cheap these things get, I’m sticking with paper, as will most people – I seriously doubt they’ll become the literary equivalent of the ubiquitous mp3 player).

They would be great for a doctor making house calls, though, to transport patient records. Up until the time the first one is left lying around somewhere, anyway, though hopefully doctors are brighter than civil servants. Note for Amazon – no charge for the tip!

And a book, of course, can be taken to the pub, without worrying about getting beer spilt on it, or of someone swiping it when you went for a pee or to the bar – as they surely would with a Kindle. Not to mention the possibility of simply leaving the thing on a bus/train/bar stool. I mean, are Kindles actually proof against all the hazards books are exposed to? Because they need to be.

And you can bank on it that no matter how long the batteries last, they’ll run out at the most absolutely critical point in whatever it is you’re reading. Screw this, buy books.

Bugger – I realised, as I fininshed this post, that I’d written about the original version here. I felt much the same then, too, apparently.