Employment & Support Allowance Information

You will find a selection of ESA-related downloadable PDF files on this website . Some are for healthcare professionals, and benefits advisors, and yet others are for patients.

My advice – download the whole shooting match (on each file, right-click, click Save target as, and save it to your Desktop so you can easily find it again – that’s for IE, other browsers have similar wording; Firefox says Save link as). Then go to this page for a wide selection of factsheets, also in PDF format. There are so many you may want to be a little selective, so if you left-click them you can read them. If you want them, hit the Back button then right-click and download them as above.

The Disability Rights Handbook is particularly important.

Why download everything. Simple, by all accounts it is pretty damn hard to get ESA, so the more quality information you have, the better, and this lot is free.

If you have a spare £18.95 a year (or just as a one-off), then Benefits & Work are preparing guides to claiming ESA for their members.