New Facebook scam…

The following appeared in my spam filter today, apparently from If you get one, bin it – do NOT get involved with it in any way. As you can see at the end, the Rapidshare link actually goes to somewhere entirely different (which seems not to exist, according to Google). I have, by the way, checked my Facebook account – there’s nothing there about this.

Rapidshare, as you’ll see if you search Facebook, is all over the place – my advice would be to stay away. Having loads of Facebook pages doesn’t automatically make them legit.

Dear customer,

Your Premium Account has been secured, the RapidShare Security-Lock is active.

The protection can always be deactivated again, by entering this code.

Account ID: 8339049
Release-Code: 8607207

Please keep the code secure.

Best regards,

Your RapidShare Support Team

RapidShare AG
Gewerbestrasse 6
6330 Cham

Web: [links to]


One thought on “New Facebook scam…

  1. does now show in a Google search. Superficially it looks legit but no way am I clicking on it to find out!


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