Why me? Why not?

I came across someone a little while ago, regarding ME/CFS, who asked the question “why me?”

I have to say that this is one question it’s never occurred to me to ask. One might as well ask, with equal validity, “why not me?”.  It simply doesn’t matter.

Likewise, it’s never occurred to me that I might feel envious of other people who are much fitter than I am, are free from ME/CFS, and thus have (apparently), much easier, fuller, lives. On some level I’m aware of it (or I wouldn’t have just written that), but it simply doesn’t matter to me.

I might as well ask why I’m shorter than average. Knowing why I’m not tall (my paternal grandmother and maternal grandfather were small, that’s why), will not make me any taller – it’s therefore an irrelevance, and asking the question a waste of effort. Obsessing about why you have anything, be it freckles, red hair or ME/CFS is an exercise in futility.

I have ME/CFS; it’s a 24/7 fact of life, and I deal with it in the best way I can. That’s really all we can do – bitching about it won’t help.