Firefox 3.0.9

What new fuck-uppery is this from Mozilla?

At start-up this morning, Firefox was very slow putting in an appearance. Then up popped a message telling me it’s updating itself. Now the normal routine is that FF will flag the availability of a new version and ask if I want it. Then I download the new version, so I have a copy of it, and install it as an update. No problem. So what’s this going off by itself and doing stuff I didn’t authorise all about?

Anyway, once it had finished buggering about, I noticed that the icon had gone from the Quick Launch menu so I went to the Start menu to create a new one. It’s gone from there, too. WTF?

Luckily the Startup folder still had its icon, so I copied that to the QL menu.

Out of curiosity, I went to Tools – Options – Advanced – Updates, and it was set to automatically install updates. I didn’t do that. My normal setting for updates is Ask me what to do. I don’t like software going off and doing stuff without my knowledge. So I reset it. 30 seconds later I checked the setting – it had reverted to auto mode. I reset it again. This time it seems to have stuck.

However, the fact that it deleted my icons, and hasn’t put itself in the Start menu suggests that all may not  be well with this version – we’ll see. Hopefully they’ve fixed the tendency to crash that came with 3.0.8 though (if they have, they’re not telling anywone but, hey, when did Mozilla ever admit to a cock-up?

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