Self-image on a mobility scooter…

An unusual item from my search engine list – “Worried how I look on a mobility scooter”.

Only one sensible thing I can say to that. Why?

Why should you care what other people, especially total strangers, think? It’s of no consequence, and if you need a scooter, that’s all that matters.

There will always be some who find you hilarious, or shout abuse from a passing car (though, really, they’re quite rare – in ten years I can count these events on my fingers and still have a spare hand). These people are known technically as fuckwits, are sub-human and beneath contempt. Ignore them.

There’s one thing to consider about a scooter – would a powerchair be better? You won’t get the range, but you can get the same performance in a Class 3 powerchair that you will in a Class 3 scooter. The big difference, apart from increased comfort, is that you can put a powerchair in a taxi, or take it on a train. For the most part you can’t do either with a scooter.

Other than that, when you’re out and about, keep one thought firmly fixed in your mind – Fuck ’em if they don’t like it!

One thought on “Self-image on a mobility scooter…

  1. Thoroughly agree. I remember the concerned physio when I picked up my walking frame. It was a day when I looked really good…(a couple of years and many difficult days sgo) he told me people would look at me. If that was going to be my biggest problem that year I would have been very grateful.

    As I staggered up the street on Sunday a concerned woman came to see if I was ok. I actually needed to lie down on the grass near the pavement. She stayed and I told her what was wrong.

    Now if I was doing that without the walker I probably would look like a drunk. Apart from the fact that I was also wearing a brace. Now I know this is not a good look …. but I did get my walk, short as it was.

    My thoughts these days are that it is better to be seen to have something wrong than not Case in point – I know my parking in disabled parking bays brings some looks and comments.

    My problem at present is staying upright on a scooter or a chair is difficult but hopefully I will improve and get going again.

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