Always read the label (with caution!)

I use Sainsbury’s cistern blocks in my toilet. Like others of their kind they appear to do very little, but they smell OK and, hell, they’re cheap enough. They’re also, apparently, edible.

Having dropped in the last block, I was about to bin the empty pack when I spotted the words “This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans”. WTF?

I mean, really, in a world where dumbness seems to be spreading like a plague, is that wise? OK, I can understand the vegan thing – no animal products, not tested on animals – but why veggies? True, they may care about animal testing too, but not, probably, as vehemently as vegans, so the clear implication is that they’re edible. At least, anyway, for the hard of thinking.

There’s a good chance, sooner or later, that some dumb sod will try eating one, as people can be spectacularly dumb. Who can forget the woman who drove off with a scalding paper cup of McD’s coffee tucked between her thighs, with the inevitable consequences (and who, as a result, needed extensive plastic surgery – the coffee was insanely hot)?

How much responsibility, I wonder, would Sainsbury’s accept if a young veggie (but old enough to read, natch), sucked on one of these and expired messily, but sparkling clean? The words “Suitable for vegetarians” have a well-established meaning – suitable for vegetarians to eat.

Just a thought…




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