Michael Jackson…

He was a sodding pop singer (not to mention a probable paedophile; after all, the estimated $20 million pay-off to Jordy Chandler’s family wasn’t the action of someone with nothing to hide). He wasn’t a major-league world statesman, or someone on the verge of finding a cure for cancer, or for Lindsay Lohan, so let’s have a little perspective, please, and a lot less hysteria.

Thank you so much.

4 thoughts on “Michael Jackson…

  1. As a disabled person I had some empathy with you when I first came across your blog, but not any more. I’m off!

    • Bye, bye…

      I mean, really? I suggest that a little perspective might be in order, not hysteria, and that’s a capital offence? Jeez, get over yourself.

      Or are you telling me I’m not allowed an opinion? Or that it’s not permitted to dislike Michael Jackson? Compared to the derision, abuse and calumny that’s being heaped upon him in loads of other blogs, I thought I was pretty damned restrained.

  2. Everyone’s got their viewpoint, I suppose. I’m against anything written about him in poor taste now that he’s dead, but if you just didn’t care about him, so what? People seem to come unhinged if you don’t like their icon as much as they did (he was a big icon for me, too, but like I said, it doesn’t bother me if others didn’t like him as much – or at all – as long as they leave the more vulgar, nasty comments out of it).

    As to what he did for the world, you can measure it in various ways. Perhaps his music and videography did nothing for you but both are credited with changing the world of music and film in a lot of ways, which many people seem to agree were for the better. If you check his Wikipedia entry, he donated tons of money to what seem like a lot of very good, worthwhile causes- and that’s just the money he donated that anyone knows about – he might have donated more, but there is no dispute he donated any less than a fortune to many charities over the years. Wealth redistribution at it’s finest.

    • Assuming the Wikipedia entry is 100% accurate, of course. They’re too often not. True, he might have donated more – equally he might not – who knows?

      The bottom line, though, is that he was just a performer and, yep, I know about the music video thing but, in the greater scheme of things it’s not as if that matters a great deal. If not Jackson, then someone else would have done it – the technology was there. And I’m still waiting for a cure for Lindsay Lohan…

      Will we, I wonder, see a similar outbreak of hysteria and virtual deification when Tim Berners-Lee shuffles off this mortal coil? Of course not, but if ever it would be justifiable, it’s then – we owe this very medium to him – he invented the World Wide Web. Now that really does matter.

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