Claiming DLA, not claiming IB/ESA…

Another from my search-engine list – can I still apply for DLA if I do not get IB/ESA?

Absolutely – DLA is nothing to do with either benefit – you can claim it even if you are working.

It’s provided to help the disabled with the additional costs of mobility and care that disability generates. Obviously, you can be disabled (as an amputee, for example), and still work.

You can download a claim form to complete on your computer from this page.

2 thoughts on “Claiming DLA, not claiming IB/ESA…

  1. HI Ron ,
    Iv’e been in reciept of I/B for several tears now and very recently returned an incapacity test form. Having not heard anything from “them” I phoned DWP and was told that I am not due to fill in another assesment form until december 2012. I was also advised to claim DLA.I am incapacitated through depresion, anxiety and asthma. Do you have any advice that I can follow either before i fill in the DLA form or indeed compleating the DLA form?


    Bill The Socialist

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