PCA points don’t count for DLA…

Another question from the search-engine list – If you have 30 Personal Capability Assessment (PCA), points do you get DLA?

No, absolutely not. PCA applies to Incapacity Benefit, and assesses your capability to work. It has nothing at all to do with DLA, which, as I’ve said previously, is payable whether you work or not, and has to be applied for separately.

IB is payable because you’re too sick and/or disabled to work, hence the PCA, to see just how sick/disabled you are. DLA is paid, quite specifically, for mobility and care needs resulting from disability. If you are able to work, and do so, and you meet the DLA criteria, you still qualify for DLA. That is, in theory. At a time when seriously ill people have had their DLA stopped seemingly on a whim, or have genuine claims fail, that’s not something you can bank on any longer

By the way, having lots of PCA points means little – some points have little value, some a lot, and some are absolutely critical and, without them, no matter how many points you have, your claim will fail. For example, I racked up 105 points, but only about 15 actually mattered in terms of getting IB. The rest are there to round out the picture of your disability