A little knowledge is a dangerous thing…

When it comes to the pandemic, it might also be fatal.

It seems there are some old farts, judging by some of today’s papers, who had Asian flu in 1957 and believe they’re immune to the current outbreak. No, you dozy buggers, you’re not. This is an entirely new mutation, and no-one has any specific immunity to it. Many of us, who are getting on a bit, will have met the main component, human Type A, H1N1, before, but it also has fragments of the swine and avian flu variants, making it an unknown quantity.

However, I think Continue reading


Claiming DLA and ESA – some tips…

Read me first. It’s important.

March 3 2010 Just thought I’d share this with you http://wp.me/peDjy-15W

I’m hearing tales of peoples’ dismal experience with DLA claims, so I thought I’d offer some advice based on my own experience. I’ve also thrown ESA into the mix, as some things are applicable no matter what the benefit.

The first thing I’d say is that, beyond asking for a claim pack, stay off the phone. You don’t need to do even that much, Continue reading