More on COPD and pandemic flu…

According to Pulse magazine, this variant affects the lungs more than normal flu, making it far more dangerous for those of us with COPD.

To counter this I have just ordered a nebuliser (I had one, but when I moved recently, I accidentally left it behind), and two packs of 20 Salbutamol nebules.

Nebulisers, on the whole, are noisy gadgets, so I’ve bought the Medel Clenny nebuliser which is said (I’ve done the research so you don’t have to and, trust me, it took bloody ages!), to be both powerful and quiet. It’s rechargeable, so you can use it anywhere. I ordered it from Westons, which is where that link takes you (they have a wide range of nebulisers, not just this one), as although this model is widely available, Westons is the only one I found that offers VAT exemption (if you have COPD, you qualify). With VAT exemption, plus postage, it cost me £54.90, which is as low as I could get.

CM neb box Click to see nebuliser pic full size, Back to return here.


ScreenShot268 Click as above

As for the nebules, I ordered those from my usual source, Inhouse Pharmacy . The 2.5mg size is sufficient for most people. They come in packs of 20, so to get 40 you order 1 pack twice. A bit cumbersome, but it works. And I’m a stupid sod!! – I should have made two separate orders to avoid VAT and the Post Office’s rip-off charge – I suggest strongly that you do that! I, however, am stuck with it. The problem isn’t the company – I’m sure they’d co-operate if I asked them to cancel it; the problems is that my card will have been debited by now, and there’s not sufficient funds to re-order until the cancellation is processed, and I don’t want to wait – so learn from my mistake..

I also considered ordering some Prednisolone – if I can find enteric-coated tablets, which Inhouse doesn’t sell. Odd, since that’s now standard. Nor can I find someone just selling a couple of hundred, rather than the minimum 500 – I only want them just in case. By the way, Prednisolone is known internationally as Prednisone, and also masquerades as Generic Deltasone, Metocorten, Orasone, Panasol, Prednicen-M, Sterapred. It’s all the same stuff. It’s also sold as Prednol (not by Inhouse), sourced from Turkey, and I don’t trust it as it comes in a non-standard size, 4mg (normal is 2.5 or 5mg), and it’s ferociously expensive at $38.16 for 20 tabs!

So, instead, I’ll just jack up the dosage of my inhaled steroids (you really need a spacer device for this, without which you should never take inhaled steroids anyway). Not as effective as oral steroids, but way better than nothing.

And that, if the precautions I’ve covered in my previous flu/COPD posts fail, and I do go down with flu, may make the difference between staying alive and not. Hopefully!