Knife crime – yet again…

Once again, people are murdered and, once again, the victims of the proposed legislation will be the innocent rather than the criminals.

18-year-old Rob Knox was stabbed outside a bar in Sidcup. He died.

His parents, understandably traumatised, met with the Home Secretary Alan Johnson, and Gordon Brown, last Monday, to insist on a mandatory 6-month jail sentence for anyone caught carrying a knife. Which, frankly, is lunacy.

Not everybody who carries a knife is homicidal, as I’ve said here before, and to tar everyone with the same brush is totally unacceptable. Did no-one learn anything Continue reading


Your IQ – Keep it to yourself…

I suggested, to an acquaintance, that the For Dummies books were the best available for anyone with computer-related problems. The response was a snarly “I have a tested IQ of 158, and I wouldn’t be seen dead with a book with Dummies on the cover!”. I paraphrase, but only a little. And I thought – so what? What the hell as anyone’s IQ, in the normal course of events, got to do with anything at all, ever?

I have a tested Continue reading

KFC cock-up…

There is a current Kentucky Fried Chicken TV ad which – you may not be surprised to hear – really pisses me off.

It’s an ad broadcast in Britain, voiced by an English-woman, and yet “herb” is pronounced “urb” (not even erb). Americans do that, of course, having only the slenderest grasp on the English language, and, god, it’s irritating. An English-woman in a British TV ad, though, has no Continue reading