Lies about the pandemic flu vaccine…

There’s an awful lot of bullshit and lunatic conspiracy theories on the Web about the flu vaccine, not least this egregious list of  vaccine “contents”:-

Mercury, Formaldehyde, Aluminium Phosphate, Aspartame, Human Fetal Tissue, Monkey Kidney & Lung Cells, MSG, Bovine Fetal Serum.

That list has been mendaciously cherry-picked from a whole range of different vaccines (minute amounts of mercury are, I believe, used as preservative in the MMR vaccine, for example), with one purpose in mind – to mislead and frighten people. As far as the flu vaccine is concerned, it’s fiction.

Flu vaccines are cultured on chicken eggs, The finished vaccine contains chicken embryonic fluid as a result (and if you’re allergic to eggs – and I mean allergic, not some unproven intolerance** – then you should not have the flu vaccine without talking to your doctor first). They may also contain an adjuvant – a chemical designed to enhance the immune system’s response to the viral protein, and to maximise cross-protection. And that’s pretty much it.

**Sometimes eggs make me feel ill, but mostly they don’t. That’s not allergy or intolerance, it’s just me!

They sure as hell don’t contain Aspartame (a sweetener), or MSG (Monosodium glutamate, a flavour enhancer), or anything else on that lunatic list. That list has been cherry-picked from ingredients of a wide range of vaccines – they are never found in a single product, like the flu vaccine. And why, in the name of all that’s sane, would a vaccine need a sweetener and a flavour enhancer anyway? You’re not gonna lick it! Oral vaccines may be sweetened, but I doubt it – the amount used is tiny (as in the polio oral vaccine), and unless a Chinese takeaway has a sideline in vaccine production, you’re not going to find MSG. However, eggs naturally contain glutamic acid, the active ingredient, as a sodium salt, in MSG. This may lead the ill-informed and deliberately dishonest to interpret this as “containing MSG” which is simply not true.

Nor is human foetal tissue found in flu vaccine either. Foetal cell lines (not tissue as most people understand the term), are used in the production of  some vaccines, like varicella, rabies, inactivated polio virus, MMR, and hepatitis A. Claiming it is found in the flu vaccine is an egregious lie used, again, as a frightener. I really have to question the motives, and the sanity, of anyone who would try to scare people in vulnerable groups – like me, but I have a very sensitive bullshit meter – and try to get them to put their lives at risk by refusing the vaccine.

I know that this flu vaccine will make me ill, the annual one does too, always, but that won’t stop me accepting something that may well save my life. By the way, the flu vaccine, annual or pandemic, is not guaranteed to stop you getting flu at all, but it will substantially minimise it should you succumb, as your immune system will be ready for it.

When it comes to the range of lies about this vaccine, the motivation for which completely eludes me (but insanity, which is certainly a feature of some of the more bizarre claims, doesn’t need a motive), this is just the tip of a very large iceberg – just be aware, please, that not everything on the web is true, and every lunatic with an Internet connection is out there, with a conspiracy theory about the pandemic and the vaccination program. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Footnote:- There’s been a lot of speculation about the safety of the pandemic flu vaccine (some of it completely insane – the vaccine is lethal, and deliberately made so, in a conspiracy to cull the world’s population, for example), but bear in mind that the companies making the vaccine have long experience making the annual flu vaccine, which has been in production for over 30 years. They do actually know what they’re doing. Most vaccines make the recipient feel ill to some degree (or a very ill – see my pneumonia vaccine post). That doesn’t mean they’re defective, it means they’re doing what they’re designed to do – triggering your immune system to produce antibodies. That can make you feel pretty crappy for a short while or, of you have ME/CFS, for months, unfortunately. Just as there’s no free lunch, there’s no vaccine that doesn’t have at least some undesirable, but mostly short-lived, side-effects. It’s a fact of life, which is way more preferable than death.

MSG in vaccines

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  1. Ron,

    You would be correct in saying that flu vaccines have not in the past been made from fetal cell lines, but that is no longer true. The US government has contracted with Novartis to supply $289 million dollars worth of vaccine. Novartis states on their website that they have abandoned the traditional egg medium and are using cell lines to create their flu vaccine as it is much quicker. You can read it yourself here:

    Novartis has also licensed the PER.C6 cell line from Crucell. This cell line is derived from an 18 week old aborted fetus. You will find this on the FDA own website in testimony given at a session in 2001 by a leading doctor on staff with Crucell. Just go to page 77 of the document and you will find his testimony on this cell line.

    I just thought you should know.


    • Thanks for that.

      Doesn’t change the fact that the item I reacted to was intended to engender panic and fear, though.

      The fact that the cell-lines were obtained from aborted foetuses* (and a long time ago at that – but see ** below), certainly isn’t going to keep me awake nights, especially as the original egg-cultured vaccines were known to trigger often dangerous reactions in patients allergic to to eggs.

      However, it seems that egg-based cultures will form the bulk of the Novartis vaccine production, as a post on their website from July 12 says “We are using both cell-based vaccine production in Marburg, which is faster, and our egg-based manufacturing in Liverpool, UK and Siena, Italy to increase the likelihood of the greatest possible supply.” (Hit the See earlier posts link if necessary). So getting a non-egg-based flu shot is going to be something of a lottery.

      As with adjuvants that can trigger unwanted side-effects in those with ME/CFS (me, for example), harvesting cell-lines from a foetus destined for the incinerator is simply a case of doing the greatest good for the greatest number, as the Type A, H1N1 vaccine will certainly save lives. Possibly even mine.

      *Note – a few cells taken, like these, from aborted foetuses, can be grown on, in the laboratory, almost indefinitely, so please, if you’re tempted to post a comment about “puréed babies” don’t bother.

      **I can’t, though, find anything on the Novartis website relating to the cell lines described in the FDA document…

  2. Go to and at the top of the page it will say vaccine information. Click on it for the facts on the vaccine.

    Aspartame is used in some vaccines like cholera and typhoid because its an adjuvant like squaline.

    Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
    Mission Possible International, and
    Aspartame Toxicity Center,

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