Yet another BT scam…

An email arrived inviting me to take part in BT’s Terminate the Rate scheme, to reduce mobile phone call costs. While I have no idea what the motivation is, this is a new BT scam. BT are not operating a Terminate the Rate scheme, as a search of their website clearly showed. And isn’t a BT URL either.

So, if you get an email like this one, below, ignore it. There are no dangers lurking within the email, but if you’re reckless enough to click on any of the links, you may not be so lucky.

By the way, I use Mailwasher to vet my emails, which enables me to read stuff like this without running the risk of downloading and opening it – well worth the money. It’s primary purpose, a spam filter, is pretty damn good, too – I’ve been using it for many years, since it was a freebie.

BT scam