The FIA is dishonest…

So the FIA World Motorsport Council has imposed no penalty whatsoever – in real terms – on Renault. Frankly, that sucks.

McLaren were seriously screwed by the FIA over the behaviour of staffers and ex staffers, even though the company wasn’t responsible for the actions of any of them, any more than Renault were. So, how come McLaren got a draconian penalty while Renault walk away effectively unpunished?

That makes McLaren’s savage penalty look highly suspicious.

The FIA had a duty to impose a far more severe penalty on Renault for perpetrating the worst cheating offence in F1 history – hell, in sport in general, it was so potentially dangerous – yet they chose to hand Renault a suspended sentence. Shit, I’m surprised those duplicitous pricks didn’t pay Renault’s costs, too, and take them out for a few beers.

This non-penalty makes the FIA look profoundly dishonest. No, bugger that – they ARE dishonest – there can be no possible justification for such lenient treatment. The Dwarf is on record as saying the sport can’t afford to lose Renault, which is bullshit – no one team is indispensible.

It now looks increasingly clear – if there was ever any doubt – that McLaren’s penalty was the result of a personal vendetta, orchestrated by Mosley – how else can one account for the difference in theirs and Renault’s treatment?

The FIA as it is currently constituted no longer has any credibility whatsoever, nor any honesty either, and Mosley’s retirement will not help with that – they’ve crawled so far up his ass they’ll never find their way out.

McLaren, though, must certainly have a very good case for demanding  their money back, at the very least. You cannot have one law for Renault and another for McLaren. Nor can you have the president of the FIA pursuing a personal agenda in the way he did. Not just in the imposition of such an insane penalty, but in badmouthing McLaren at every possible opportunity afterwards. I felt at the time that F1 would be greatly improved by someone putting a bullet in Mosley’s ear. Today’s events have done nothing whatsoever to disabuse me of that view.

People posting comments online say it’s appropriate for Renault to go unpunished, as they dealt with the matter promptly. Bullshit! Given the publicity, Renault could have done nothing differently. However, if McLaren were deemed responsible for the actions of their staff and ex-staff, then Renault were equally culpable. They should, at the very least, have received a fine considerably in excess of McLaren’s, to reflect the seriousness of their offence, and they should have lost all their constructors points for this season. Maybe next season, too.

That they are walking away from this affair totally unscathed is an obscenity. It sure as hell has nothing at all to do with justice.