The theft of DLA?

The government apparently has plans to steal – there is no better word for it – the DLA of over-65s and plough it into a proposed National Care Service.

How that can possibly be legal when the bulk of DLA is paid, for most people, for MOBILITY – for help with getting around, to use the official description – I’ve no idea, but the whole idea of shovelling the DLA of over-65’s into the NCS is pure lunacy.

It’s not even logical. If Continue reading

The lunatics are running the asylum…

In the Guardian, Jenni Russell writes about the plights of two teachers who wound up in court because, basically, pupils dishonestly accused them of assault. One was acquitted, one was found guilty by magistrates clearly in need of a reality check. Can’t say I’m too surprised, though.

I have one experience of the magistrates’ court – on a Continue reading

The Times, fat people, and censorship…

India Knight, a Times columnist, has written an article berating fat people (ironic, given her own girth), especially those who have the temerity to complain of the prejudice, discrimination and abuse they experience. I won’t bore you with the whole, sorry, tirade – you can read it here should you wish to. In conclusion (more or less), she says this:-

“Abusing people is wrong, whether Continue reading

When biscuits attack…

I have been made extremely ill by Sainsbury’s Digestive Biscuits.

I have just spent 5 days feeling dreadful, with acute gastric pain. It was somewhat amenable to antacids, though I thought I had food poisoning, as I also felt nauseous. In a nutshell, I felt as if I had a massive hangover, though I hadn’t been drinking.

I had, though, eaten nothing that could have caused food poisoning.

I looked at everything I’d eaten over than period, which wasn’t very much, and the only thing that wasn’t normal in my diet was Continue reading

More Windows 7 thoughts…

According to PC World’s TV ad, Windows 7 makes laptop batteries last longer. That’s probably perfectly true – as long as you’re not actually doing anything with your laptop.

In my experience, what you do while on battery power governs how long it lasts – more than any other factor. Word-crunching Continue reading

The king is dead, long live the … oh, hang on a minute…

So Jean Todt is elected, president of the FIA. No surprise there, as anyone who can read a newspaper will know about Mosley’s industrious machinations on Todt’s behalf. And not even particularly secretly, which shows what an arrogant fuck he  is.

Ari Vatanen was by far the better man for the job. Not only did he have the necessary political experience, he would have been totally unbiased regarding F1 – the area where the Continue reading

Beware of Windows Update…

I have Windows XP running, among much else, Office 2003. However, for the last 72 hours Windows Update (WU) has been trying to foist upon me scores of MBs of updates for Office 2007, which I don’t have (or want, or need).

I don’t allow WU to operate automatically, but have it set to show me all updates, which gives me the opportunity reject those that are no use to me (wrong updates are not unusual), and, on this occasion, to reject all the useless Office 2007 crap.

I’ve no idea what would have happened if all these updates for apps I don’t have had been installed automatically but, apart from taking up disc space, I Continue reading

Carbon footprint – unrealistic expectations…

The Guardian has a calculator to work out your personal carbon footprint. I don’t use public transport, so that figure represents taxis. My CF is 9 tonnes of CO2 equivalent, which is pretty good, but bear in mind I don’t get out much*. And according to the chart, the average spend per person for hotels, pubs and restaurants is a pathetic £7. That seems completely unrealistic – I just don’t believe it – we’re being asked to believe that the vast majority of the population NEVER has a drink or a meal outside their own home. If that’s true, they must be dull buggers.

*I often get lifts to places like the supermarket, but as the driver is going there anyway, I haven’t factored that in.

The 2050 target of a reduction, for the UK, from the Continue reading

The dangers of level crossings…

There’s a TV ad running at the moment, which shows a young girl approaching an unmanned level crossing on foot. She steps around the barrier, looks to see if a train’s coming, and gets mown down.

I have a problem with this. Trains are big, noisy and conspicuous – and often very fast – but they don’t just leap out at you instantaneously! Hell, if you’re close to the line you can feel them coming.

While I’m aware that idiots do get themselves Continue reading

The BNP and the BBC…

Lots of threats and hyperbole flying around over the prospect of Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP appearing on Question Time on Thursday. But why?

Love them or loathe them – and, for the record, I loathe them – the BNP is now a legitimate political party, with members serving as local councillors and MEPs and, while I deplore everything they stand for, I can understand the fear that drives otherwise quite ordinary people into their clutches – the fear that Britain no longer belongs to the British. The white British at least. Indeed, in Leicester Continue reading