Swine-flu vaccination…

Tomorrow morning, with considerable reservations, I shall be going for my swine flu vaccination.

Reservations, because I have no idea how I will react to it (I reacted very badly to the pneumonia vaccine, back in June), and because I’m not convinced that, right now, it’s necessary, given the level of swine flu infections, which seem to be diminishing.

However, that might change for the worse over the winter and, given that swine flu would almost certainly kill me (with my severe COPD), I think having the vaccination is, on balance, the lesser risk. I’ll probably also have the annual flu vaccine at the same time – allegedly it’s safe to do so.

I do not, I have to say, believe all the hysteria, bullshit, and paranoia flying around the Web about the vaccines, the most lunatic of which is a claim that the swine flu vaccination program is intended to cull the human race (though by whom, and why, isn’t explained – not sanely, anyway).

So, I shall report my experiences here, as I did with the pneumonia vaccine, from the ME/CFS perspective.

Wish me luck. . .