Bread Bits, Part 6 – rambling about bread…

At Wellbeck, in rural Nottinghamshire there is a School of Artisan Food. I think that’s great. There must be many people, like me, who discover that they have a talent for something – in my case breadmaking –  and would like to take it further. They don’t offer a specific breadmaking course, but that may be a segment of the Baking course.

I certainly wish I’d discovered my own talent 30-40 years ago – with a school like this I may have been able to develop it to the point where I could make a living out of it. Now, at 65 and increasingly disabled, there’s not a lot I can do with my new-found skills except make bread for my own pleasure and consumption, and show off by giving loaves away.

Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing.

I have been asked to make… Read on