COPD and smoking… Don’t!

Another question from my search engine slush-pile “will my COPD stop if I stop smoking?”

No, it won’t, it’s yours for the rest of your life.

However, stopping smoking will ensure that the treatment for your COPD is more effective than it would otherwise be. But, on the other side of the coin, continuing to smoke will make your COPD a hell of a lot worse, far more difficult to manage, and shorten your life. And that life will not be pleasant, nor will it end well.

COPD can be managed quite well, though – it’s by no means a death sentence – but it can’t be cured and will always get worse. By not smoking, and by paying close attention to your medication – you really need to be pretty obsessive about taking it; just taking it when you remember isn’t good enough – the more assiduous you are with your meds, the better you’ll be.

Fitness matters, too, and staying as fit as you can for as long as you can will pay dividends in the long term.

This post has links to a lot of information about living with COPD, and its treatment, plus things you can do to improve how it affects you. There’s also a link to a post about COPD and swine flu.

Note: I’ve been asked why I don’t sugar-coat my COPD posts, but what would be the point? COPD patients deserve the truth about an illness that will dominate and, ultimately, all else being equal, end their lives. How soon that happens depends on how well the patients manage their COPD, their overall health, and their lives – something they certainly cannot do from a position of ignorance.

COPD info on the Web – and I know this is something of a generalisation – seems to be either alarmist and doom-laden, or foolishly upbeat. The truth is somewhere between those extremes and you will, I hope, find it here. I’m not here to cheer you up – and don’t forget I have severe COPD too – I’m here to keep you honestly informed.