DLA Rates from April 2010…

Important Note:- I am getting a lot of comments from this post asking for help and advice. That’s not its purpose – it’s here merely to provide information on benefit rates. I would refer you to this very important post **  on my Home page. It will tell you, and explain the reasons why, that beyond the extensive information published in the various posts and comments, I can no longer become personally involved.

NB: That, I’m afraid, will also affect people posting replies to comments. Comments are being moderated, but as and when I feel able, not, as in the past, immediately. I’ll try to check for replies when they come in, but no promises, because despite my saying that I can no longer get involved in offering personally-tailored advice, people persist in asking. I appreciate your difficulties, I really do. It would be nice if that was reciprocated.


DLA Rates from April 2010

Care component

High             £71.40

Middle        £47.80

Low            £18.95

Mobility Component

Higher         £49.85

Lower         £18.95

Click here to view DWP document for more rates.


76 thoughts on “DLA Rates from April 2010…

    • I have been getting high rate mobility and middle rate care since 1994. I have relapsing and remitting Multiple Sclerosis now I have been informed that this is being taken from me. I have a car under the motability scheme I am disgusted. I am appealing!

  1. hi ron,

    I am in receipt of DLA at the highest rates for both mobility and care. I have only be getting this for about 9 years but Ild have been getting this from birth due to medical negligence.

    Is there any way of claiing this money back ??

    many thanks


    • Hi Dean,

      No, unfortunately not. DLA isn’t payable retrospectively. It can be paid from childhood, but if it wasn’t claimed at the time, it’s gone forever, I’m afraid.

      Under normal circumstances, I say be cheeky, and ask the DWP – there may be something, even if not DLA. But the way things are, I’d leave them well alone.

      Do you want the money for something specific (in which case there may be alternatives to benefits), or do you just want more money? (Nothing at all wrong with that!)

      Given that your disability stems from medical negligence, if there has been no legal action over that then that may still be a possibility (the doctor may be long gone, but the hospital is still there). If you can pursue that, then try first for legal aid. If that fails, and you opt for a no win-no fee deal, make sure 100% of any award comes to you – solicitors get their fees out of the loser’s costs (if you lose, your solicitor gets the bill). Just be sure you have a good case, and have your bullshit meter turned up to 11 when talking to solicitors, especially when it comes to no win-no fee!


  2. shouldnt the first line of care componant read HIGH care componant as it states 2 LOW benefit rates and i am sure NO ONE WILL GET £71.40 on LOW benefit ????

    • Actually, I just copied and pasted it from the DWP document – go bitch at them. Theirs is fixed now, and so is mine, and I seriously doubt anyone was confused by either.

      And if you’re going to moan at me for an error, do learn to spell and punctuate first. AND DON’T SHOUT!


  3. hi
    i have just found out that i am going to recieve middle rate care component. is it true that you can only recieve care component and not get dla because i thought that if you recieved care component you have a disability and should recieve dla?

    thnks wayne

    • DLA comes in two parts, the mobility component (the former Mobility Allowance), and the care component.

      What you get when you apply is in the lap of the gods, because there’s certainly no logic in it. You can get the higher or lower mobility rates, or higher, middle, or lower care – or any combination.

      If you’re confined to bed, of course, a mobility payment would be pointless.

      As the mobility component is based almost entirely on the ability to walk, that’s probably where you failed to qualify. There are other factors, but that’s the biggie.

      You are entitled to ask them why you didn’t get the mobility component, and if you don’t like the answer, you can ask for a review of your claim. Bear in mind, though, that by doing so there is a real risk of losing what you already have.


      • hi ron

        i only found out yesterday that i am going to recieve it.
        it has been going through a tribuneral. they have told me that i am going to recieve it from march 09 would i get back pay from them or do they not back pay. or do they only pay back 6mths like i have been told by a friend.

        thanks wayne

        • It is backdated, but it depends on how you applied. If you got an application pack from your local office, then your award will date from the day you asked for it to be sent to you. (That assumes you completed the form and returned it within the specified time). If you applied by any other means, then your award will date from the date you signed the application form.

          I’m not aware of any time-limit on back pay and I’ve just tried to verify what I’ve said above, just to make sure I haven’t missed anything but it’s such a morass of misinformation and rumour it’s impossible to be sure. I think I’m right, though.

          I’m actually in the process of backing up my computer prior to fitting a new hard drive and upgrading to Windows 7, otherwise I’m have the information at my fingertips. Really, though, even if there’s a 6-month cut-off you’ll still get over £1200 – not too shabby.


  4. hi ron i am on hight and low dla,is there a chance you could tell me how mutch i will be getting this year .i am going for a disability car,will they take all my high dla .thank you margaret

  5. hello,

    I recieve the lower rate of DLA but i would like to claim a motability car is there anyway that i can change my rate or is there anyway around this? please help! many thanks.

    • Hi Jane,

      As you may know, you need the higher rate of mobility DLA for at least three years, to access the Motability scheme. You can reapply for DLA in the hope of getting bumped up to the higher rate. That’s the only way.

      Be aware, though, that it’s possible, by reapplying, to lose what you already have instead of getting more, so you need to take that possibility into account when making your decision.


  6. Good afternoon,
    I was awarded DLA mobility component for life in 94,
    I later applied again for care and was awarded Low rate care (18mth award). When the care component was due for review they withdrew all my DLA. Which ment I lost my car and had to pay for taxi’s to get to/from work.

    On appeal the chair of the panel refused to look at the Mobility stating they were unable to look at that because; I had a letter stating it had been awarded for life. It should never have been reviewed therefore it should be reinstated with immidiate effect. They did not award care because I was working.

    I never claimed again. However, my condition has continued to deteriate to the point where I am now unable to work and have to pay for additional help/support.

    I am thinking about making a claim for care but frightened in case the same thing happens again. What is the likelyhood of that or has a president been set with regard to my mobility?? Please help I’m so confused, and I couldn’t go through that experience again.

    Many thanks for any advice.

    • Based on information received, I think it’s difficult to get DLA if you’re working, even though it’s officially payable while doing so.

      With incontrovertible disabilities, like an amputated leg, for example, it’s pretty cut and dried, with illnesses, it’s not so clear-cut, as you found out.

      As your condition has deteriorated, there is no reason why you can’t apply. Read this page first https://ronsrants.wordpress.com/2009/07/07/claiming-dla-and-esa-some-tips/ and use the link to download a form, then you can tinker with it until you get it right.

      If you feel a question doesn’t accurately reflect your condition (if you answer as asked to – for example, the IB50 form asks if I can tie a bow in a piece of string, which is pretty damn pointless, so I told them so, and said I DID have problems tying my laces), then simply put See attached, and type your reply on a separate sheet, Be sure to put your full name and NI number at the top. They’re quite happy for you to do that, and it’s something I’ve always done. You can answer as many questions as you like this way, as long as you show the question number. If you use more than one sheet, put your name/NI number on them all.

      Tell your GP, and any consultants, that you’re applying, as they’ll be asked for a report, so it’s important they describe your condition as fully as possible, especially the manner in which it’s disabling. They can’t say “Yes, this person deserves DLA,” (well, they can, but it’ll be ignored, more than likely), so they have to make your case by giving as much information as possible.

      It can’t hurt to contact a local benefits advice/support group, or an advocacy group – the CAB may be able to point you in the right direction, or Yellow Pages, or even the noticeboard in the GP waiting room.

      If there’s a national organisation for what ails you, check them out too – they may be able to offer advice.


  7. I am getting incapacity plus age related which I.ve had since 1998 and friends have told me that it’s going to change and they are finishing with the incapacity benefit. Does that mean I will be worse off when that happens.
    I also get high rate for DLA and do you know if that’s going to change too.

    • People on IB are being switched to ESA. This is bad news, and probably means that many people are going to be seriously screwed. ESA is designed to get people off disability benefits and on to JSA. ESA is NOT your friend.

      DLA remains unchanged.

      • I agree ESA is not the friend of genuine claimants, and DLA remains unchanged there is a real possibility that DLA may be reviewed and even withdrawn depending on the outcome of the medical questionnaire or examination by a doctor.

        It is now advisable to be very cautious when answering questions particularly ones relating to everyday activities.

  8. hi,

    my husband had a mild stroke last year, he is back at work but on medication for the rest of his life, is he entitled to dla.


  9. Hi Ron,

    Advice to anyone having been turned down for the DLA:
    Ask why and ask for documentary proof.

    I have had a disability since the 1970s, which is gradually worsening, yet my GP wrote on their form that I was 100% fit and well; clearly he had been too idle to check my medical records!

    I changed doctors in disgust and asked the new one if he thought I should be on the DLA or was I not sufficiently disabled. He said he thought I ought to be getting it so I appealed and he wrote a supporting letter to them. That letter cost me £35 but was well worth it as my appeal was successful.


  10. Dear Ron, with regard to your comment on April 3rd 2010 about the change from IB to ESA, can you help me with a question? My IB is due for review in July, but my DLA still has another two years to go before review. Do you think my IB will be changed to ESA now or when the DLA is reviewed – I am sorry to ask this, but I don’t appear to be able to get a clear answer from anyone. I would sincerely appreciate any advice you can offer me.

    • Essentially, Cath, it’ll happen when they get round to it. It has nothing to do with DLA (which is payable even if you work)

      • Dear Ron,
        Thanks for your response, love your blog, keep up the good work!

  11. Hi Ron
    firstly thanks for helping! i am my mums carer . she is in reciept of DLA for life at both high rates.and has been for many years now.
    we need to sort out a shower being put into the bathroom now as she is very disable and can not manage at all.
    do you know who we should apply to for that and if they will do this for my parents free of charge even if they have savings
    thnka you very ,much

  12. Hi i applied for dla last year and i was turned down. I applied for it again this year and was awarded it but my circumstances where the same as last year am i entitled to the back dated money from last year. thanks

  13. Hi my partner has a knee deformity in both knees he has had 1 operation and needs at least two more he has had this problem for over 10 years and it’s gettin. Worse year by year he is now in constant pain and takes 11 different pain killers a day and although he can walk he can’t take one step without being in serious pain and needs my help with nearly everything night and day we have decided to apply for DLA do u think he will be eligable? I know it’s hard to say I just don’t Want to waste my time as I’ve heard how hard it is to get thank you jade

  14. My son has autism and has been getting higher rate in care and mobility now they have changed it to lower rate cause they say he’s not disabled enough to get high rate mobility his needs haven’t changed in 7 yrs I think the gov need to make cut backs and the disabled are gonna suffer

    • Get some help from local benefits adviser/disability groups and appeal the decision, but only if you have evidence there is no change or the condition has worsened as he’s got older. There is always a risk they will withdraw it altogether.

  15. Hi Ron, I have Spastic Pararparis due to spinal cord and cns problems. I think you are doing a fantastic job helping so many people who are often at a loss where to turn to for good solid advice in an understandable format. Keep up the good work.

  16. Hi Ron,
    I have just found your website and I am grateful for the iformation that it contains, I have just returned from a DLA Tribunal with my adult daughter who has been getting DLA for the pat 3 years and now they have decided to decline the last application and appeal. I am so angry. I accompanied her and they didn’t let me help her in any way even though she was in tears and getting mixed up with dates etc. They questioned her for over an hour, which I though was very unfair.
    Thanks for letting me rant.

  17. Hi Ron,

    I have been receiving IB for 20 years due to severe depression and nervous disability. I have have several breakdowns. Just recently they changed my medication to a new stronger anti depressant for severe depression. Can you you tell me where you think I will stand with this new ESA? Am I going to be one of the people they target. I have just recently completed my reveiw for and am waiting to here from them.

    I am also severely deaf and wear 2 hearing aids. I was awarded the lowest rate DLA 10 years ago when I finally left my husband. The care worker from Gofal Housing sorted it out when she did all the paperwork I needed as I was very ill with the depression and at the time I was having a CPN coming to my home.

    When I recently looked at the Benefits web site I noticed that as well as blind people getting the middle rate of DLA, deaf people can get also.

    Do you think it is wise for me to apply for this?

    Sorry this is so long. I think you are providing a great service. I am 54 and nobody ever told me that I could claim this and I was born deaf!!!!

  18. Hi Denise,

    I’ve just posted a comprehensive reply – and it’s vanished!! Bear with me, I’ll try and find where the hell it’s got to. It might be a WordPress problem, so keep checking back.

    I’ve just tried again – I’ve no idea what the hell is going on, but it’s getting tiresome, so I’ll see if I can add it to this comment. If that fails, I’ll email it to you.


    I’m putting this back together from memory, as the original reply vanished totally.

    The problems with trying to get more DLA is that there is always a risk of losing what you already have. There’s no logic to it, it’s utterly unpredictable.

    Deafness is something I know nothing about, but I would think that needing somebody to go out with you, to help with communication, would be very useful.

    I put together some advice on claiming DLA here – I think some of it might well be of some use to you as it’s not illness-specific https://ronsrants.wordpress.com/2009/07/07/claiming-dla-and-esa-some-tips/

    The RNID have zero advice for deaf people claiming benefits, which is pretty damn unhelpful. They have a page of links here http://www.rnid.org.uk/information_resources/rights_and_duties/benefits/useful_contacts_for_making_claims/ but none are deafness-specific. They have an email information service informationline@rnid.org.uk but they expect you to treat it as a last resort. Email them anyway – what have you go to lose?

    The CAB is worth a try, too, you can find your local office here http://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/index/getadvice.htm It says it’s broken, but I tried it, it’s not. It’ll be in the phone book and Yellow Pages too, and they should be able to put you in touch with a local benefits advice/support group, hopefully with some deafness-specific knowledge. You used to be able to email their national office, now you can’t – more unhelpfulness.

    If you are a member of a local support group – or there is one but you haven’t joined – they can be good sources of brains to pick.

    There are a whole load of links on Google on the subject of DLA for the deaf, so hopefully some might be useful – worth a look anyway http://www.google.co.uk/#q=Help+with+claiming+DLA+for+the+deaf&hl=en&safe=off&start=10&sa=N&fp=424f617157e578fd

    This guy, on the first link, makes a big thing out of the fact that there is no law that says deaf people should get DLA. A bit sodding pointless – there is no law that says ANYBODY should get DLA! http://tribalvillages.org/deaf/dla.html He also says that deaf people can only get DLA if they need help with bodily functions. I can’t see that at all – it’s entirely irrelevant to the vast majority of deaf people.

    I found this http://www.deafsign.com/ds/index.cfm?scn=article&articleID=27 Not great but, so far, the best I’ve found. You might be able to contact them for more information, though.

    And that, I’m afraid, is about it. Hopefully, some where here there’s something that will be useful. Have a look at this, too, you never know

    And despite what I said at the start of this post, if anyone has any useful factual knowledge, please do post it here, I’ll keep and eye open for it.

  19. hi
    i have just found out i will get lower rate of disabibly is this correct
    i suffered a stroke october 09

    • Hi Tom,

      No idea, I’m afraid. There’s no such thing as the correct DLA – it varies from person to person depending on their degree of disability and, sometimes, pure luck!


  20. Hi Ron,

    It looks as if you have spent a long time researching for me, I’m most grateful. I wasn’t expecting such a prompt reply or any where that much info, thank you very much, I will keep checking your site to see if anything else pops up.

    I only found your site today, it’s very helpful I must say, I hope your keeping well. After I read some of your other letters if that’s what there called, I felt a bit guilty asking, But I thought I’d give it a go anyway, and I’m glad I did.


    • Hi Denise,

      Believe me, compared to some, this was a walk in the park! That’s why I’ve cut back a lot – it was just getting too much.


  21. Hi Ron,
    just stumbled on your site while doing some research re my dads entitlements. You’re doing a great job, well done!!

  22. Hello Ron

    I just wanted to say that your site has helped answer my question, without me needing to post it.

    So I’m sorted, and no additional work for you!

    Thanks very much

    • Excellent.

      As I’ve said, most of what I know, especially about COPD and benefits, is already out there, and the search function should turn it up with the minimum of effort.


  23. Hi i am 19 years old and was born with perforated eardrums and less than 37% below the average hearing. I can hear next to nothing in my right ear, i have had an ear infection evry other month from being a baby, and now my balance seem’s to be gradualy getting a hell of alot worse, i was just sittin on my settee and just fell onto the floor for example. could anyone tell me if im entitled to any sort of benefits and help with preparation for going deaf?

    • Hi Dwaine,

      Way outside my terms of reference, I’m afraid. As for your hearing, I can tell you you can’t claim benefit for what will, or might, happen in the future, only for what has happened. Your balance, though, might prove useful, though you do need to get it looked at (if you haven’t), because your doctors have to be aware of your disability, and be prepared to support your claim.

      My advice would be to talk to the RNID http://www.rnid.org.uk/


  24. Hi Ron,
    I am currently in receipt of ESA for depression, and because I have Hepititus C. Someone said I may be entitled to DLA also but I’m not sure. Is this correct?

    • Hi Gavin,

      Just posted a reply and the bugger’s vanished. So, no, it’s not strictly correct. DLA isn’t based on what’s wrong, but the degree of disability it causes. The mobility component, for example, is mainly based on walking ability, though there is a section covering mental illness, so it might be worth a try. As for Hep C, I don’t know I’m afraid. You know how you feel – how you’re affected – and the bottom line is, it can’t hurt to try. Be aware, though, that claiming DLA is getting increasingly difficult, with some insane decisions being made.


  25. Ron,

    In regards of an Emergency budget that were broadcasted yesterday and to be honest, I am slightly worried.

    I was born deaf both ears severe damage and hearing balance dramatically changes but if worsen I may opt to have an cholear implant in years’ time (this is something I am not looking forward to a major operation, costly). Also diagonised with heart congitential disease leaving me a short of breath. At previous routine cardiology check up I was told that my heart rhymn is not very good and may looking at another major operation in the future if health deteriorate!! I tend to have a breathing problem after a flight of stairs or walking too fast. People kept asking me if I’ve got a asthma problem!!! I am not getting any luck, me!!

    Anyway at Emergency Budget presentation it is believed that a DLA will be re-assessed for existing claimants. Does this means all DLA will have to have to be re-assessed? Although, I have been told by a family member that my DLA (middle rate only and have not been re-assessed for nearly 20 years) will be there for a life and re-assessed is unecessarily as DWP has paramount of my history medical evidences to support my DLA.

    And to be honest – from my point of view its the frauders that needs to be re-assessed claiming they are disablity when they arent!!! (no offence)

    Any recommendation are highly welcomed.


    • Hi Sara,

      Right – fraud first. Several years ago the DWP launched a purge on DLA fraud. They screwed up the lives of thousands of people, needlessly reassessing them and, after a year or two, they gave up. Why? Because the level of DLA fraud that retards like the Daily Mail are always bitching about simply doesn’t exist. There is some fraud – there always will be, as no system is perfect – but what they found was dozens of fraudsters, not thousands, or even hundreds. Hell, there were far more MPs fiddling their expenses.

      Although, I have been told by a family member that my DLA (middle rate only and have not been re-assessed for nearly 20 years) will be there for a life and re-assessed is unecessarily

      Famous last words. My award is for life** and there is a belief that indefinite awards are not subject to review. I don’t if that is true or not, but the fact that I haven’t been reassessed in 24 years is, I’m sure, no guarantee I can’t be if they feel like it.

      **Higher mobility, lower care. I desperately need middle care, but the risk of losing what I have by reapplying is too great. In these pages, there is a guy who has severe COPD, no legs, and a stoma, and was on the same level as me. He felt, like me, that he needed middle care, so he reapplied. Not only didn’t he get middle care, he lost his higher mobility, and thus his Motability car. That’s not just wrong, it’s not even bloody sane.

      As for the rest – you know as much as I do. In my view, incurable conditions should not be reassessed, but they don’t care what I think and, in the past, people who have been deaf or blind from birth, or are amputees, have been reassessed, so it’s clear that common sense doesn’t get a look in.

      In my case, I’m going to die, and sooner rather than later. However, if I’m still here in 2013, I have no doubt that I will be as likely to be reassessed as anyone else, when they get round to it.

      There is one thing in our favour – reassessing everyone on DLA will cost many millions of pounds and will be painfully slow – this mendacious bunch of tossers may well be out off office before it gets properly under way. It’s debatable whether it’s actually affordable, anyway. However, it’s the Tories we’re talking about – Cleggy and co are a bad joke – and they, on past form, would have no hesitation spending hundreds of millions to save hundreds of thousands, simply because they are innately opposed to benefits.

      As for their plans to get all these many thousands of ESA and IB claimants back to work, something I wrote about months ago, https://ronsrants.wordpress.com/2009/12/17/disability-benefits-under-the-tories/ just where the hell are the jobs? And what employer, even if bribed with tax breaks, would employ someone who has, effectively, been on sick leave for a decade or more?

      The whole scheme is insane, but never forget that these are the same people who wrecked the railways and buses by privatising them, destroyed the coal industry, allowed the shipbuilding industry to die, and pushed everybody’s bills into the stratosphere by selling off the utility companies, many of which are now in the hands of foreign companies. They also told us BSE wasn’t a problem.

      So, anyone expecting them to treat the chronically sick and disabled with compassion or, even, common sense, is in for a disappointment.

      For now, though, all we can do is wait and see.


  26. hi ron

    i like to ask about the confused with dla i am Deaf and was born Deaf and I receivd dla sinced 1995 will my dla be scrap or conitues as i am so confused.

    thank you


    • Hi Susannah,

      Best advice I can give you is the same advice I’m giving myself – don’t worry. The best any of us can do is wait and see.

      If this government has any morality at all – and for those of you who are feeling a touch of deja vu, I know I’ve said this elsewhere https://ronsrants.wordpress.com/2010/06/23/the-chronically-sick-and-disabled-whither-now/ – there’s enough to keep them busy for years without going anywhere near incurable conditions, which would be the sensible course. Common sense says that neither you, nor I, would have a problem – our disabilities are inarguable.

      Try to put it out of your mind – certainly for the next three years, which is what I fully intend to do (and if they actually do re-assess everybody – which, frankly, would be insane and cost millions – it would take years to carry out).

      In the meantime, take it easy.


      • thank you – ron

        I feel abit better as I did panic and felt its was unfair for us all


  27. Hi Ron, what a great blog. I’ve just lost my right leg below the knee due to cancer. I’ve applied for DLA for help with getting a car so I can still drive and go to work. I realise you don’t answer these things nowadays but I thought I’d risk a post anyway.

    If you do care to answer do you think I have a good case? Cheers

    • Hi Tony,

      Yes, I’d say you have a good case. Sadly, that’s no guarantee, these days, that you’ll get what you need.

      Sensibly, you should be paid so that you can continue to work – anyone with more than three functioning brain cells can see that. The way DLA is administered, though, I don’t think common sense matters any more. Yes, I know that’s cynical but, based on some on the reports I’ve had, it’s true.


  28. I hope common sense prevails Ron. They have been pretty
    off every time I’ve called for help and advice. Ill be sure to post my results here!

  29. Hi I’ve just won my appeal July 1st 2010 and been awarded low rate care. Case been going on since 04.05.2008. So to anyone out there Appeal. I did it on my own no help from outside agencies. So if I can do it anyone can!!!

  30. Hi Ron i had a heart attack three years ago have two stents in my heart , i also suffer with arthritis in both knees badly which makes it very hard for me to walk i get pain constantly i also have ciatica down right side back and leg i am unable to work and hold a job i get out of breath easily and suffer constant headaches daily would i qualify for dla or am i wasting my time

    • Hi David,

      Apply by all means – just remember to focus on what you can’t do rather then what you can. Your doctors – GP, any consultants you’re seeing – have to be willing to verify that you are disabled, so it’s worth making sure they are up to speed and on board.

      There’s some useful advice here https://ronsrants.wordpress.com/2009/07/07/claiming-dla-and-esa-some-tips/ plus a link to download a DLA form, so you can tinker with it til you get it right before printing it and sending it off.

      DLA does seem to be getting harder to claim successfully, so be prepared to go to appeal if necessary. (many claims that are initially refused are granted on appeal).

      Oh, and medication is now taken into account. In my view it shouldn’t be as some GPs can be tight-fisted, to the detriment of the patient, but it is, so make sure you are getting the maximum for your condition(s).

      And although your are encouraged to phone the DWP my advice would be not to – keep everything in writing so you have a record. And be aware that, even if it all goes well, it can take a long time, but payment is backdated to the date you submit your claim or, if you phone for a claim pack, to the date you asked for it. Trust me, though, downloading a form is much better, as you’ll have a copy on your computer and there are no time constraints.


  31. hi Ron,wow you are a busy chap,thank heavens for people like you,iam on dla,mrc,hrm,i was going to put in for hrc due to my cond worsenin,but after reading some of the stories on here,its disgusting when you daren,t ask for help incase they take what you already have off you,keep up the good work Ron x pam

  32. Hello all i just wanted a rant my problem is that over the last ten years the bloody awful gout has ruined my joints ha the one you cant smoke you understand . Due to this iam almost unable too walk and all the other crap we live with and have been awarded the higher rate motability after a four month wait and the full medical. My gripe is after choosing a car i was told it will be three months before its ready is this the norm or am i being fobbed off.

    • A Motability vehicle should take 2-3 weeks. If you have asked for an unusual colour – or possibly a Ford (I was quoted a delivery in months for a Ford some years ago – I walked away) – that could delay things, as an unusual colour might not be available until the next production run of that colour. Likewise, if you need any adaptations. However, if it’s a standard car, in an available colour, it should be just a few weeks.

      Oh, and in my experience, asking for a diesel can slow things, too – most apparently get snapped up as soon as they arrive, so there’s always a time-lag. So I’m told..


      • Cheers mate and yes its a ford. I think the glossy magazine and promise of a great deal threw me. Iam about 6ft4inch so went for the new smax in a base color .Just another rant if anyones interested ford only stand by their part x promise if your old cars not that old my seven year old galaxy whch had a new mot and six months tax was deemed worthless.
        Thanx for taking time to answer cheers Billy.

  33. Hi Ron, I’ve Had A Reply From The DLA. Keeping Me On Low&Low They Stated That They Considerderd My New Application And My Origanal Docters Letter That is Over 1 Year Old I Would Of Thought They’d Ask My Docter Now About My Condition Any Thoughts Excuse My Spelling, Thanks. Dave

    • Hi Dave,

      You could try getting an up to date letter from your doc, and forwarding a copy to them (never send original documents unless they insist, and then keep a copy), asking them to look at your case again. It was news to me that you could actually do this but several of my commenters have, so it’s worth a try.

      Do bear in mind that the letter needs to describe your disability, and how badly you are affected, and in what way(s). Also, how you have deteriorated since last time. A letter saying “I think Dave deserves DLA” won’t work.

      A tip – always be nice to the benefits people. They’re just normal people doing a deeply crappy job. The fact that the administration of DLA is defective is the fault of politicians, not the people at the sharp end.


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