My doctor won’t tell me if I have COPD…

Again with the search-engine slush-pile “my doctor won’t tell me if I have COPD.”

If you have COPD you are entitled to know. Period. And if, whoever you are, you’ve read my posts on the subject, you’ll probably know why.

On the other hand, the best reason for your doctor not telling you you have COPD is that you don’t actually have it.

I can’t get my head round this at all. I mean, how did it come up? Did you ask your doc if you have COPD and he said “I’m not telling you?” Or is your doc telling you you don’t have COPD and you think you do?

Or is it… No, no – that way madness lies.

Look, if you’re the person who that search term belonged to, please, post a comment and explain why you think you might have COPD, because it seems more than a little hinky from several perspectives.

One last thing, if you have emphysema, you have COPD, Whatever respiratory illness(es) you might have, emphysema is the gold standard for a diagnosis of COPD. No emphysema, no COPD.