Who protects us from the police?

Or, rather, from pretend police.

If any of you are still labouring under the delusion that Britain is a free country, view this video:-


What we have here is a couple of Community Support Officers, a pair of arrogant jerks so self-deluded they think they’re are actually real police officers. These fuckers should be handed their P45s without delay.

I wonder if these cut-price coppers would have had the balls to tackle a couple of guys behind a camera? Anyone taking bets?

Photography, whether video or still, is a legitimate hobby, and has been for over a century, and its practitioners should not be held to account by tossers like these. Or at all.** Terrorists would NOT be filming potential targets in broad daylight, and only a retard would think this woman was doing anything other than what she said she was doing – filming for fun. That she wound up in a jail cell and, subsequently in court, beggars belief.

Civil liberties, in this country, have become a bad joke.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Again!

** Apparently, if you’re a tourist, in London, and elsewhere for all I know, using a small compact camera, you’ll be left alone (like terrorists wouldn’t have compact cameras!). Turn up with a serious D-SLR and a battery of lenses, as a serious photographer on holiday is likely to do, and there’s a very good chance you’ll be run in.

Welcome to Britain. . .