Another search-engine quickie “can I claim DLA and ESA at the same time?

I’ve covered this in other posts, but yes, you can. The mobility component of DLA is officially described as “help with getting around” and that’s exactly what it’s for. Whether or not you’re working is irrelevant.

However, the natural cynic in me thinks that the job you do will affect your claim. If you’re a desk-jockey, you should be fine, if you’re a National Hunt jockey, not so much.

I am, though, hearing that some people have been denied DLA because their ESA claim failed – I’m not sure that’s even legal. Anyone know for sure?

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  1. Hi
    i have end stage copd and i failed the esa atos health related work assessment because i can lift my foot to my knee and my can sit for 30 minutes , then they took my full dla mobilty and care away from me as i am fit for work i have oxygen daily and soon all night, its madness the new system, if you reaqd very carefully the small small small print on the letter that arives with your assessment it says clearly this assessment is to help us the jsa to decide what group to put you in , hence so many copd ones slip the net and fail, because doing things keeps us going , walking dumb bells bread making lol but that makes us fit for work lol, anyway it also says any information collected from atos is passed on to the relavent benifet offices dealing with any claims you may or may not be getting, im just waiting now to loose my blue parking badge, the new esa is not set up to sign you off sick i scored 81 points or something like that yet i failed, its there to see what you can do for a job , only 10 per cent get into the support group where then you do not need to attend work focased interviews or sign on, but however do not be fooled its for your a year then your back again doing same assesssments same old , i better not sware lol, to begin with you need a fileing cabinet with at least 8 size a4 envolopes each one must be labled with each dif department because there are many it is not just esa as everyone thinks, and if you get a letter from esa with a some money but because they dont have to explain anymore how your money is worked out you just a letter to say this much got paid on this date read that letter very very very carfully it says if you need a explanation of how much we are paying you or why you are have recieved this money then please ring, ok good you might think , no because underneath that it will say your local job centers now have all the means to deal with any information you might want to no about your esa payment if you do ring us you will put through to the discision maker or the apeal team, , i never read that and rang them up , it was only later i relised i had blown my chance of an appeal because once you except an explanation by phone then you you can not appeal , so i joined a web site called how to beat the system, its brill and anyone needing to beat and get there head around this can have for free all the info iv downloaded, why should we all pay hay , iv paid so anyone needs help contact me, i will send it to you what i have been given by them, you can beat it. so to anyone who suffers copd i can help you , there is a 2 hour questioner you feel in with trick questions like what is your fav soap you watch , you say oh eastenders i live for my soaps , well with end stage copd what eles can one do , the examiner will say good you sit for 30 minutes then , lots of these types of questions i can help you with so you say the right thing , im saying i can help you cheat but its worse then workhouse days , i lost everything because of two mistakes i rang esa dept and i love eastenders plus yes i can lift my foot to my knee plus i can stand up as he p[ointed out in the interview , i see you can stand for 10 minutes on the same spot , they chairs with no arms to see how long you sit in one for i cant sit iin one at all having both my lungs stuck to my rib cage causes me a good lot of pain, anyway this is rons rant and i find my self ranting lol so please dont suffer in silance and dont pay tpo join web sites not when iv paid and you luckys can have it free,

    • Hi Rachel,

      You said earlier you were stage 3 (I’m stage 4), so you have a way to go – as have I – before reaching end-stage. Don’t write yourself off too soon. Life may suck at times, but it’s not over yet.


  2. i ment to say in my last post i can not help you cheat it but i can help you say the right thing, get through and pass it. i suppose its a bit of a cheat but hay there cheating us, but anyway its really just how you answer the questions , there all made to trip you up , they even watch you in the car park how you arrived its much much much tuffer then the old medical , in fact its not a medical at all , it should be called harrassment not assessment , and i thought my spelling was bad.
    blessings to all.

  3. Hi Ron
    I am really sorry to hear of the way the dwp and atos have treated you. And hope you were allowed to reapply for esa .
    I have end stage copd chronic arthritus and peripheral neuropathy and dread going for the esa test when called I am currently on IB,
    I would be gratefull for the material you downloaded from the site Thankyou mike.

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