David Cameron – a disgrace to humanity?

Yes, absolutely, the man really is a disgrace to humanity – yesterday he was the only person trying to make political capital on the back of the horror that was the Edlington trial. People just don’t come any more despicable.

“Broken Britain**” my arse – the fault lies with the parents and also with the kids themselves, who are quite clearly sociopaths with no concept of self-control.

A cull of such sub-humans would be good, but sadly we can’t, so lock up the little psycho scumbags and throw away the key. FFS, if they torture kids because they’re bored now, what the hell are they going to be like when they’re, say, 30? Pillars of society? In your dreams. They’ll just be older and stronger psycho scumbags. And I don’t want to hear from any bleeding-heart, woolly-minded, liberals claiming that they’ll be redeemed by their time in jail –  no they fucking won’t, because almost no-one is.

I once floated the idea of Retrospective Abortion. “Mrs Jones? We’ve come for little Johnny – sorry, he’s 12 now (or 25 or 43), and he’s just not fulfilling his potential, so we’re going to have to terminate him.”

I’m pretty sure most people could come up with a list of those whose absence would improve things a great deal for everybody. And no, I’m not serious, except sometimes, in the small hours when, after an event like Edlington, it seems like a wonderful idea.

Jailing the parents, too, is a must – into perpetuity would be nice, prevent them breeding more ultra-violent nutters – but a substantial jail term is absolutely essential, not least as a signal to others that such behaviour as theirs cannot, and will not. be tolerated.

Failure to do that will play right into Cameron’s hands so, hey, just get it done, OK?

** And despite this wazzock’s claims of Broken Britain being at fault, suggestions, from Cameron, as to how it might be fixed – if it even exists – are conspicuously absent.

No surprise there, then.

2 thoughts on “David Cameron – a disgrace to humanity?

  1. ““Broken Britain**” my arse – the fault lies with the parents and also with the kids themselves, who are quite clearly sociopaths with no concept of self-control.”

    Thanks for my first laugh of the day. Here in the States we’re much too “politically correct” (that is, we’re scaredy-cats who live in fear of DCF and/or the soft-touch Democratic Liberals) to dare say anything less-than-praiseful of the children.

    • Oh, we’re heading that way here, too – but I just don’t buy it.

      If I had my way corporal punishment would be back in schools next week (hmm… almost typed capital punishment – wishful thinking, clearly!). Seriously. The teachers are working an a snake-pit, with no viable sanctions, and most parents haven’t a bloody clue. I think society would benefit from a “reverse abortion” campaign – terminate useless bloody parents!


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