Angina and DLA…

From my search engine slush-pile “Angina – will I get DLA”.

I suffer from angina, but it has nothing to do with my DLA claim, or any other. So, no, DLA is not payable for angina. The reason for that is that angina, painful and disturbing though it is, is a symptom,  not an illness in its self.

The question, of course, is whether the illness causing the angina is serious and disabling enough to justify a claim for DLA, but that’s another issue.


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  1. But is a diagnosed “illness” necessary for a DLA claim? Isn’t a sufficiently disabling symptom enough?

    • Hi Nigel,

      Not really, no. That’s why so many people with ME have such a hard time. Ditto FMS. Both conditions are all symptoms and no cast-iron diagnosis, plus the fact that many doctors still don’t believe either of them are genuine physical illnesses (ME is psycho-social according to the DWP, and the WHO feels much the same way).

      The DLA ask “Name of illness, disability, or diagnosis” – how an illness or disability can have a name without a diagnosis, I am at a loss to know – I suspect they phrase it that way to cover all the bases – some people wouldn’t understand “diagnosis” if it bit them in the butt, but do understand illness or disability. The form has to be accessible to every level of intelligence and education and, assuming an adequate level of literacy, everyone will understand one or more of the three terms. I think if you said “my legs hurt” without being able to offer a reason for it, it wouldn’t accomplish much.

      That’s why the support of your doctors is essential in claiming DLA – and no GP or consultant is going to say patient X has all these symptoms and I don’t know why, but please give him some money anyway! They’d look like idiots.

      Hell, there’s the story, in the comments on one post, which I have no reason to doubt, of a guy who’s lost both legs, is in a wheelchair, has a stoma, and severe COPD. He reapplied in the hope of getting middle care. What happened was that he lost his higher mobility (and his Motability car as a result), and didn’t get middle care either. You can’t get clearer diagnoses than a double amputation, carrying your shit in a bag, AND having severe COPD, yet he LOST money.

      Anyone making a claim but unable to say what their illness is – based on events like that – is going to get bugger all. And quite rightly too, otherwise people would be able to lay claim to all manner of symptoms and, if a diagnosis wasn’t required to support a claim, fraud would be as rife as the Daily Mail already thinks it is.

      Anyway, the question anyone with angina should be asking is what the hell’s wrong with me – am I gonna die? Not, can I make money out of it.


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