DLA and work…

From my search engine slush-pile “DLA work capability component”.

I’m not sure what the searcher had in mind, but they appear to be seriously misinformed. There is no work capability assessment (which I assume if what they meant), in DLA.

There’s a very good reason for that. DLA is dependent upon the degree of disability. That’s all.

It’s even payable if you’re working (I first became aware of this in the seventies, when it was called Mobility Allowance, working with an ambulant disabled guy).

DLA comes in two parts, the mobility component (the old Mobility Allowance), and the care component. The former is for help with getting around if your walking ability is seriously impaired, and the latter for any care you may require (it’s the requirement that matters, not whether you get it or not).

So it follows, naturally, that there can be no work capability assessment (or component), in DLA.