Some thoughts on writing for blogs…

Over time, I’ve written several posts on writing for blogs, not least because the first step in attracting visitors to your blog is to actually write something – others may disagree, but if you want to attract readers the first step, way before trying to attract the attention of search engines, and maximise your ranking, is to actually have something for people to read. And by “something” I mean a lot. And make it interesting to others, rather than just to you. In the early days, at least, it’s a good idea to post every day, several times a day if you have the material. Or, failing that, as often as you can.

Trust me, no matter how much you may maximise your search-engine presence, lack of content will, always and for ever, mean lack of readers. Content rules!

It has to be well-written, too – or, at least, as well as you are able. For example, you may not be the best writer, but there is zero excuse for not hitting the spellcheck button before publishing (or not reading it through and editing it where needed), or for going for the world’s longest unpunctuated sentence record. And textese has no place outside text messaging. Seriously. Taking liberties with language and/or punctuation may make you feel like James Joyce or Cormac McCarthy, but it will make you look like a twat.

Writing for your blog is a bit like short-story writing – it needs a similar sort of discipline in that you don’t have the luxury of waffling on at novel-length. You could, but readers would lose interest…

So, I thought this might be an opportune moment to gather all these posts  together in one place (I thought I’d already done that, but apparently not – oh well).

As usual, oldest at the bottom, most recent at the top. Apart from On Blogging and On Blogging, Part 2, there is no particular sequence.

For new readers, apologies for any typos you may find – I’m seriously ill, hence the nature of much of this blog, and sometimes stuff slips by me.

3 thoughts on “Some thoughts on writing for blogs…

  1. Hi Ron – I’ve been browsing round your blog and enjoying reading it, so felt it would be rude to leave without commenting. I particularly like your stuff about how to write for blogs. x

    • Thanks Deborah,

      It was mainly prompted by the seemingly endless questions in the WordPress forum on the subject of “How do I get people to visit my blog?” People have different opinions on this but, no matter how much you work at poking Google with a sharp stick, if you only have one lonely post saying “Hey, I’m here!” it’s not going to do much good.

      For me, content is everything, and that takes work.


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