The Daily Mail hates the BBC – again…

The Daily Mail is really getting its bloomers in a twist over the BBC’s coverage of election night, which I didn’t see but by all accounts it was pretty naff – they hired a luxury cruiser moored on the Thames, invited loads of  Z-list celebs to pontificate, and pushed out the, erm, boat on the booze and food front.

I do think the sanctimonious pricks at the Mail are over-reacting, though, because offset against this soiree should be what it would have cost to do the same thing in the studio. I sincerely doubt it would cost very much less. The real question, of course, is not what it cost, but whether it should have been done this way at all.

To my mind, it’s entirely wrong to treat politics as light entertainment – it’s far too important for that. Yes, it can be boring, but most things that matter are boring, especially if you have the intellect of speed-bump. Given that the BBC is, though, in many ways a mirror of this country (everybody plays down to the retards), I can’t say I’m surprised.

The whole thing was crass in the extreme, seriously ill-considered, and a public relations disaster. Whoever thought it was a good idea needs a good kicking, along with the execs who approved it, before the Mail and its Trolls ramp this up into another hate campaign.

Because what the BBC must not do, especially as £45,000 is buttons in the context of TV production costs, is an excuse for yet another Daily Mail led anti-BBC pogrom now the Cameron/Murdoch double act is very likely to be the next PM, especially since the people the programme was aimed at  are probably Mail readers anyway.

Actually, it’s quite remarkable how many members of the target audience, who actually watched the programme, are now in the Mail’s comment section bitching about it, and for those hypocritical sods I have a question – if it was so execrable, such a hideous waste of time and money, and so infuriating – why did you watch it? It also rather poses the question of whether you didn’t really have a problem with it until the Mail started whining about it – two days later – and you just jumped on the bandwagon.

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  1. Ron – did you see the Sun’s front page today: ‘Man, 59, refuses to leave house in Dowing Street’. More like Private Eye!x

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