A waterproof jacket for mobility scooter use…

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve got waterproofs, but on my scooter they don’t fasten closely enough around the neck to keep heavy rain out. So, as we might be in a for a wet summer – depending on which set of “experts” you believe it’s either going to be horribly cold and wet, or it’s going to be the “barbeque summer” we were promised and didn’t get last year – I’ve bought a bikers’ waterproof jacket.

It’s a pretty basic one from M&P @ £28 plus postage, but it only has to keep me dry at 8mph – not 80 – so it should be fine. I’ve bought a size bigger than normal, to allow for a couple of fleeces under it in the winter.

I’d have liked something a bit more upmarket but while, when I was a biker, waterproofs were black, now it’s very easy to look like a left-over cast member from Starship Troopers. Oh well, it’ll keep me dry, and that’s the main thing.