Problems with My Espresso Ltd…

A you may know from this post I cancelled my espresso machine order with My Espresso Ltd, because they screwed up.

First they said it had been despatched, then they said no, it hadn’t, but it would be that day, followed by oops, we don’t actually have any stock of this machine – despite, at no point, flagging the item as out of stock on their website.

So, seriously pissed off, I cancelled my order on June 16 (and subsequently ordered the same machine for less elsewhere), giving them 10 days to refund my money – £315.00 – or I would recover it through the courts. To date, they haven’t done so. And if you think going into threat mode so soon is a bit OTT, they had already failed to respond to three emails and a cancellation message on their online contact form. It need never have come to that. I was willing, initially, to buy a more expensive machine. They knew that and still couldn’t be bothered replying to that particular email.

Card companies say it can take up to 10 days to process a refund but the reality, as I know from experience, is that it normally takes 2-3 days for a debit card refund.

So, back to me – this morning I’ve faxed another letter to My Espresso, pointing out that I’m still waiting for my money, that if it’s not in my account by the close of business on Monday, June 28, I shall sue for its recovery (plus my costs). Over the weekend, I shall complete the online court forms, ready for submission, without delay, on Tuesday morning.

I also intend, more or less immediately, to complain to Coventry Trading Standards (My Espresso are based in Coventry). I say more or less immediately because you can no longer contact Trading Standards directly (unless you already have a contact), you have to go through an organisation called Consumer Direct which slows things down considerably. I’ve filled in and submitted their online form.

Intriguingly, I can find no reports of problems with My Espresso on Google (except for my previous post), despite my experience and a comment on the previous post from another customer who can’t get any response from them regarding the failure of her still-in-warranty Rancilio Sylvia espresso machine.

I’m finding it hard to believe that only two of us are having such problems with My Espresso. Such piss-poor service is usually systemic and, even if it’s not, there is always someone who will post a complaint online about the best of companies – I find it odd to come up totally blank (and not just on Google, but on coffee forums, though as these have a pronounced US bias, maybe it’s not so strange).

So, does anyone else out there want to tell us all their My Espresso tales of woe? I can guarantee anonymity if you wish… All I ask is that you mind your language, and are not libellous.

Note for WordPress staff – in the event of a complaint from My Espresso Ltd, be advised that there is nothing in this post, or my previous one, that is not verifiably true.


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  1. Oh….I have a DOSSIER on them. HIDEOUS, company. I’ve been fighting a battle with them since February and have finally won. I too intend to inform trading standards about their practices – I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what I did with them and the vile Mr Redl.

    • I had a look at the store on Google Streetview. Given the extent of the website, I expected a large store – it’s a corner shop! How he keeps his website sales supplied from there beats me – maybe he has storage elsewhere. Or a big cellar.

      The weird thing is, searching Google, the only complaint I found about My Espresso was mine. I’m not buying that – even the best company has someone online moaning about them – and My Espresso are a long way from the best. They get poor service a bad name!

      I did get my money back, by the way, but the bugger went right down to the wire with the refund.

      A tip – write to Trading Standards (the address should be in the phone book, under your local council). You can’t email TS these days (unless you already have a contact), there’s a buffer organisation called Consumer Direct that gets in the way. Pretty rubbish, too. My complaint got snarled up so badly I gave up.

      You probably know this, but don’t send any original documents – copy everything.

      I hope your TS are better than mine (check out the series of posts called I bought a Lemon… (type that in the search box, top right). The best advice they could give me was sorry, but you’re going to have to sue. When I pointed out that was pretty much what they were there for when the law had been broken, a solution was forthcoming! Not a very good one, though.

      By the way, if you want to tell your story here, I’ll post it as long as there’s nothing libellous!


  2. Only just found this post. I had huge problems with them last year – bought a Gaggia Classic for £269, and when it arrived the chrome plates and the plastic casing had scratches on them. I phoned up and complained, then sent it back (they did at least pay for the send back this time). New one arrived several weeks later (which My Espresso Ltd had sent directly from Gaggia) and still it had scratches all over the various chrome plates and plastic housing.

    Phoned up to complain and was told that if I wasn’t happy with the quality, I should send it back and they would give me a refund. Posted it back (no offer for collection this time – had to spend £15.99 with Parcelforce) and approx two weeks later received a refund of £209.10 on my Visa card.

    When I phoned up to query this the rude guy at the end of the phone said I had to pay for the various shipping charges he had incurred whilst sending me a faulty product! As I started debating this with him he just slammed the phone down on me and then would not answer.

    Sent an email demanding a refund of the full £269 plus £15.99 I’d paid and heard nothing. I took this up with Visa who initially said they would investigate but about 5 weeks later said they couldn’t help. At this point I’m ashamed to say I couldn’t be bothered chasing it any more as it was driving me crazy, so just wrote it off as a bad experience.

    I too couldn’t find any other complaints about this company at the time – at least I’m very glad to know now it wasn’t just me (although sorry for you guys). How he stays in business is beyond me!

  3. I was interested in purchasing a Rancilia silvia coffee machine. My expresso website appeared professional. However as I never ordered anything from them I phoned up just to get a feel of how they respond. The person I spoke to appeared to me to be unprofessional in his mannerism towards a customer that is about to make an order. What made me even more suspicious was that he gave an incorrect description about the Rancilia silvia machine being 3 times the size of the Ascaso uno when in fact it was smaller. When I asked him how soon the machine gets despatched after I place the order he said that’s up to me. That I thought was an odd reply. He seemed to just give answers in a very matter of fact and unenthusiastic way. This I found far from reassuring. I even asked him that as I never ordered anything from MyExpresso whether he had positive feedback from his customers. He said yes. I then asked if he had this feedback on the website. He said it is at the bottom of the page of the item I wish to purchase. However I couldn’t find any customer feedbacks. So I googled this company and found your feedback. For that I am grateful to you for doing so.

  4. Oh lord…..I hope myespresso goes under, as soon as possible. A business cannot survive with this vile level of customer service in the current climate.
    I am SO glad that people are at least doing a search and coming to your page before purchase Ron.
    For what its worth – guys….DON’T shop with this man, there are lots of more professional retailers out there, its not worth the despicable rudeness you will get if anything goes wrong…and he will charge you for breathing, then make sure you pay up and have no way of getting your money back.
    Very sad state of affairs.
    Lets hope more and more people are made aware of what he’s up to and do their homework!
    I am still by the way waiting for a fair amount of money from him, after he effectively stole the price of a returned Ascaso duo from me….my cc company returned a proportion, and asked him to pay the balance – I’m STILL waiting for that bit.
    lets hope what goes around comes around……Karma!

  5. Ron…believe me…I’ve been everywhere to get this sorted and so far, I have almost got the full amount back, less around £170. My cc company have been excellent and they are now pursuing the SOAB for me. Small claims is time consuming and to be honest with you…the cc route has been most satisfactory – even though Mr Redl has squirmed – he cannot evade them.
    So…all in all – I may be the first person to ever challenge him and win – in full.

  6. Ron, to update on MYESPRESSO Ltd. I am still in touch with VISA and MBNA and they are going to investigate business practices of the aforesaid. They are also unhappy that THEY are having to fork out for this man and in effect lose money with him.
    I am delighted to say that my case is being very deeply investigated and hopefully will unearth other unethical practice as part of the dossier for VISA, who then may consider revoking rights as a trader.
    What goes around comes around…..


    I cannot believe that I have finally found some online evidence of the unbelievably poor quality service doled out by the unpleasant, rude Mr Redl. Woefully I purchased my Rancilio from him in early 2009. I ordered it with a knockbox. Like other people who have posted replies, I also noticed marks on my machine that were out of keeping with the condition of the display machines I had seen. Mr Redl had no time for my concerns and told me to get a proper cloth to clean the machine. After a costly purchase I was surprised by his poor “bedside manner”, so to speak.

    As for the knockbox, it was huge. It certainly did not fit in the kitchen and so I took Mr Redl up on his returns policy. I re-packaged the item and sent it through Royal Mail. Months passed and after frequent checking my credit card statement for a refund (emails to the company went unanswered), I finally rang him. I quoted my Royal Mail reference and was brusquely told that he had not received notification of the delivery, that he had been in hospital at the time, and that it is all Royal Mail’s fault and that I should take it up with them. I had actually spoken to Royal Mail who were by contrast helpful and informed, who had told me that there was no one to receive the delivery and a card had been left in the usual way (we’ve all seen them) asking the proprietor to arrange re-delivery or collect the item from the depot. Redl expected me to harangue Royal Mail and denied ever receiving the card. He had been in hospital for one day and Royal Mail give a week’s grace. Redl was adamant that it was my problem with Royal Mail (I wish they sold coffee machines, I would have been much happier).

    After some disagreement, he said that if I wanted a refund I should resend the item – all at my cost I should add and on my time. Again, I never heard for a long period, and then I emailed him (no reply). I called again to ask what had happened, having been informed again by Royal Mail that the item had again been marked returned to sender. I rang him. By way of introduction, I explained that I had emailed him and was cut short and told that he receives thousands of emails a day (does David Cameron receive that many?). Anyway, very soon we arrived at the same point as the previous time. It was all Royal Mail’s problem etc. etc. Redl ranted at Royal Mail – as though I was in the least bit interested in his troubles, a rather curious twist on the ordinary state of play when one is a customer. He slammed the phone down repeatedly and then stopped answering the phone.

    I was infuriated. I considered many times travelling to Coventry myself and returning the knockbox. Anyway on balance I decided to let it go and comforted myself with the knowledge that I would make people aware of his boorish behaviour, his utter contempt for his customers and the amount of money shelled out (after all these items are hardly necessity purchases), and his seeming inability to follow the ordinary protocols of business trading.

    Redl certainly did not understand the value of repeat business and I promised that I would make others aware of my experience. Even it stops one person buying a grinder, and then it would be worth it.

    As it happens like others here I was unable to find anything online about the My Espresso Ltd. Well, actually I did find a site that had his company listed. I then posted a review and when it did not appear found out that his company was no longer listed on the site and therefore reviews could not be published.

    I am now about to buy a Mazza grinder. If My Espresso were the last place to stock grinders, I would become a tea drinker.

    It beggars belief that this vile man continues to trade and attract new custom. In a sense I should have known to make a wide berth of My Espresso Ltd. A few weeks before I bought the machine, there was a notice on his website saying people should not be fooled into buying coffee machines from a company Caffe Italia because they were not actually based in the UK but trading from Italy. I know that this sort of rhetoric has its appeal but I now know if anyone was fooled it was me purchasing from the self-proclaimed expert Redl.

  8. I ordered a Gaggia MDf grinder, Gaggia base, Motta tamper and a shot glass.

    Items were amongst the chaepaest if not cheapest on the net, saving me a lot. They were delivered in 24hrs and well packaged.

    I read your comments last night after I had ordered. I empathise with your situation however the service I have received thus far has been efficient and at a good price. I hope this continues. So dare I say it I am a happy customer of Mr Redl.

    • Well, I suppose by the law of averages, even he must do something right occasionally, possibly even most of the time. It’s the way he treats dissatisfied customers that’s totally unacceptable. He just hasn’t got a clue.


  9. Another person here very annoyed with this company. I was only ringing him because I was having problems receiving my Ascaso grinder from the delivery company – or even getting through to them – and I was becoming concerened that it would be returned to sender. I just thought I’d ring and see if the company who I ordered it from would be able to help. I wasn’t angry or rude, I just calmly phoned them. To my shock, the person on the other end of the line was in all my 39 years the rudest and most annoying person I have had the displeasure of speaking with!!! He was immediately rude and when I told him I was surprised by the tone of his voice he didn’t understand! I don’t like to wish bad on people but I hope karma will do it’s work. I guess he must be a very unhappy person.

  10. I am delighted that this thread appears if you search ‘myespresso problems’ on google. At least this is a start to mr Redl getting what he deserves! I sincerely hope that people read this before they order from this company, shop around and find elsewhere to purchase from. It took me almost a year and a half to get my FULL refund from them. My persistence paid off, even though this vile man tried everything to discredit my claims of negligence and even lied to the VISA company I was claiming my money back from.
    I can safely say that I have managed to be reinbursed in full through my credit card company – who kindly pursued him for me and also were amazed at this behaviour and ALSO experienced his rudeness.
    Mr Redl – I guess you have many like me, who you ripped off and who just didn’t have the energy to deal with your dishonesty and stupidity?
    May I say to anyone reading this – DO NOT GIVE UP.
    Keep all correspondence (VISA were incredulous when they read his condescending responses to me) and track every call you make.
    Compile a dossier and record everything.
    Good luck – its a great feeling when idiots get their just desserts….

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