Problems with My Espresso Ltd – Update…

Got my money back – the refund appeared in my account this morning – and they went right down to the wire with it.

However, if you have similar problems, be aware that I’ve been told by Consumer Direct (the organisation that’s been inserted as a buffer between the public and Trading Standards) – and hey, you’ll just love this – you can, quite legally, be kept waiting for a refund for up to 30 days.

Think about that – the company that owes you the money can keep it for a month, quite possibly getting interest on it, while you, at best, lose interest by not having it in your account, or – as was my case – be overdrawn for a while, incurring charges.

In the case of My Espresso, they took my money without knowing, or caring, whether or not they actually had the goods in stock, and for that there is never any excuse. Here’s a tip – update your goddamn website when you’re out of stock. How hard is that?

People who process your plastic, even when they have no stock, are the lowest form of pond life, and it’s way past time that this practise was made illegal.

That it’s not simply beggars belief, and it really needs to change.

By the way, the machine that My Espresso claimed was out of stock has not been flagged as such – they have been offering it for sale throughout this farce, and still are, as you can see.

Anyway, my espresso machine, now from Caffé Italia, is on its way from Italy; it left Vicenza, the closest UPS depot to Padua, where Caffé  Italia are based, at 20.45 yesterday, and should be here by Friday. Hopefully. UPS, not Caffé  Italia,have already put delivery back 24 hours in the short time they’ve had it.

If you’re in the market for an espresso machine, my advice would be to check them out (the link goes to my machine). They are, to be honest, a bit sluggish on delivery (it was despatched a week after they said it would be), but as I said originally, I rather expected that anyway, based on what I’d read. And a coffee machine isn’t exactly urgent, is it? There prices are good (at least those I’ve looked at are), and delivery comparable to what it would cost from a UK company. Just a bit slow.

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