The big lie exposed… there are no jobs.

The Treasury has announced that the budget will cost 1.3million jobs.

The government said they want to get the disabled and the unemployed into work.

They are, of course, mendacious bastards who wouldn’t know truth or honesty if it bit them in the arse.

As I said yesterday, “plans” to get the disabled and the unemployed working are a crock – there are no jobs – and soon there’ll be a bloody sight fewer. It’s been a lie from beginning to end.

These plans are purely to hive the disabled off onto JSA to save money, and, perhaps, to get the unemployed off the books and into make-work schemes of zero merit.  Any claims to the contrary are simply untrue.

Why? Because the Treasury figures were made available to the government before the budget – they knew what the result of their budget cuts would be before budget day – and were fully aware that the “jobs” they were promising (or in the case of the disabled, threatening), simply do not exist and never did exist. They have lied, not just to the Parliament, but to the country as a whole.

And, hey, we have another five years of this shit.

Do you think we – the chronically sick and disabled community – can survive that? Because I bloody don’t.

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