Domestic medical refuse…

I’ve just been clearing my meds area, which gets cluttered with empty blister packs, dead inhalers and cardboard boxes – enough to fill a supermarket carrier bag, to bursting, every couple of weeks, and it got me wondering just why blister packs were ever thought necessary.

I have five prescribed drugs in tablet/capsule form, and only Continue reading

The problem with vegans…

What is it with vegans?

A mercifully brief article, by a vegan, in the Guardian Weekend magazine, opens with the words “When I eat with one of my carnivore friends…”. The title of the article, which flirts briefly, and mostly pointlessly, with a different issue each week is “What I’m really thinking: The Vegan” Why vegan is capitalised I have no idea, and it’s quite clear that Continue reading

Important notes about comments and advice…

I have unfixed this post as it’s screwing up my Google page ranking – it will now make its way down the page as normal. Some questions are now being addressed, but just the easy ones! The content of this post is now in a page, above.

Please note that, due to dramatically worsening health, I can no longer respond to requests for help or advice. I can’t say for how long this might continue.

In fact, so that I won’t be tempted, to my detriment, comments are unlikely to be moderated.

While I was always happy to provide help and advice, especially on the subject of COPD, it should be born in mind that Continue reading

I’ve gone over to the dark side – and ordered a Kindle…

Note: as happened with words like e-mail and on-line, e-book and e-reader are rapidly losing their hyphens, which is the format I’ve opted for here. Interestingly, the Word spell-checker recognises ebook, but not ereader.


Regular readers will know that I feel that ereaders are very much a solution in search of a problem, and that many ebooks are overpriced. No way is there any justification for Continue reading

Sourcing NSAIDs…

My GP is refusing to prescribe my Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), Naproxen, because of my recent gastric bleed. There is absolutely no need for that, as it wasn’t NSAID-related – it was entirely due to vomiting every 15-20 minutes for 12 hours straight, and that was because my Continue reading

Broadband speed problems – abolishing contracts is the answer…

Radio 4, this morning, has been rather exercised over the matter of broadband speeds, ditto the Guardian and, no doubt, the rest of the news media. This is because Ofcom is getting equally worked up. And they’re all addressing the wrong problem.

What’s getting up Ofcom’s nose if the notorious “Up to…” when describing broadband speeds. They claim, and who am I to argue, that Continue reading

Store coffee beans in CO2 to prevent oxidation – conclusion.

Well, I now have my MOSA keyboard blower, or Power Cleaner, to give it its proper name.

First impressions are good, and it seems to be well made and robust. The trigger enables fine control, so gas can be released very slowly if you wish, obviating the need for me to cobble up a device to slow it down.

Nor is the gas freezing. I know, from experience, that Continue reading

Possibly Related Links keeps coming back…

There’s something very odd going on.

There’s a feature called Possibly Related Links, on WordPress, by which links with, frequently, staggeringly tenuous relationships to yours (or, in my case, links back to other posts by me, which is just incestuous), are tacked on to the bottom of blog posts.

I generally keep this turned off, partly because I find Continue reading

Train travel is utterly abysmal, and doesn’t work…

Whiling away an idle half-hour, I’ve just been checking some train journeys.

Let’s say I wanted to go from Liverpool to – oh, let’s go to Bournemouth. There are two choices – 1 change at £93.50, or 2 changes at £49.35. The first would be very difficult for a fit person. For a disabled person it’s impossible. The second is simply impossible for anyone. Rail travel, quite simply, sucks.

Let’s take the 1-stopper. You change at Birmingham New Street which, as stations go, is not a fun place to be. You have Continue reading