Possibly Related Links keeps coming back…

There’s something very odd going on.

There’s a feature called Possibly Related Links, on WordPress, by which links with, frequently, staggeringly tenuous relationships to yours (or, in my case, links back to other posts by me, which is just incestuous), are tacked on to the bottom of blog posts.

I generally keep this turned off, partly because I find Continue reading


Train travel is utterly abysmal, and doesn’t work…

Whiling away an idle half-hour, I’ve just been checking some train journeys.

Let’s say I wanted to go from Liverpool to – oh, let’s go to Bournemouth. There are two choices – 1 change at £93.50, or 2 changes at £49.35. The first would be very difficult for a fit person. For a disabled person it’s impossible. The second is simply impossible for anyone. Rail travel, quite simply, sucks.

Let’s take the 1-stopper. You change at Birmingham New Street which, as stations go, is not a fun place to be. You have Continue reading

Soldier with false leg walks 400 yards, loses DLA. Fair?

Well, yes, I think so.

Today, the Daily Mail is reporting, with its usual “our brave lads” bias, the story of Private Aron Shelton, who lost a leg in Afghanistan, when his Land Rover was blown up. He was awarded DLA but, after admitting to being able to walk 400 yards with his prosthetic leg, he lost it.

If you can walk almost a quarter of a mile, even if one leg is prosthetic, you Continue reading