Possibly Related Links keeps coming back…

There’s something very odd going on.

There’s a feature called Possibly Related Links, on WordPress, by which links with, frequently, staggeringly tenuous relationships to yours (or, in my case, links back to other posts by me, which is just incestuous), are tacked on to the bottom of blog posts.

I generally keep this turned off, partly because I find the argument that it will drive traffic to my blog specious, but mainly because it gets in the way. What it will do is drive traffic from my blog to other blogs, when I’d prefer that people stayed, to further sample my golden prose. I suspect traffic brought in by it roughly compensates for the traffic it takes away and, overall, it pretty much balances out.

Quite a few of my posts run to several pages, to make them easier to read, but the mechanism which inserts PRLs puts them between the end of the page text and the links to subsequent pages (how dumb is that?), leaving those readers who fail to scroll down as assiduously as they might thinking Huh? as a post apparently fizzles out.

But – and this is beginning to piss me off – the buggerdly thing keeps getting turned back on. Now, I don’t do it, because I don’t want it, and nobody else gets to use my computer, so I’m mystified.

Is there some mechanism at WordPress that turns this damn thing back on after it’s been off for a certain length of time? Dunno, and the idea  sounds paranoid, but something is doing it, it’s sure as hell not me, and I’m getting awfully tired disabling it.

Perversely, too, you have to check the item to disable it – the opposite of the established convention of unchecking functions to disable them, as is the case with the other items in that section – so how many people just check the thing, believing they’ve disabled it, without reading the associated text? Not me, before anyone asks…

I haven’t been near that function for god knows how long – not since the last time I disabled it – I have no need, so it can’t get enabled by accident and yet, like Mormon missionaries, it keeps on popping up, as unwanted as ever – and just as much a tediously annoying. nuisance.


4 thoughts on “Possibly Related Links keeps coming back…

  1. Hi Ron – that’s really strange. I don’t like that function and turned it off several ice ages ago, but it’s never turned itself back on. One for a ‘happiness engineer’ to look at perhaps? Can’t make up my mind about that job title, btw.x

    • Morning Deborah,

      Happiness Engineer? What are these people, kindergarten refugees? Far, far, too twee. Makes me want to take away their comfort blankets and teddy bears.


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